In the eyes can accumulate deadly prions

The study by researchers from the University of California allowed us to make conclusion that in the eyes of man can accumulate dangerous, causing deadly disease proteins from the discharge of prions – substances that promote damage to the brain and other nerve tissues of the body. On the finding of researchers says Science Alert.

Prions are proteins with an abnormal structure. Provoke their illness is deadly for people and animals. Scientists have established that these proteins can accumulate in the eyes. One of the ways of deadly proteins in the eye is a corneal transplantation from deceased donors with undiagnosed disease Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (common prion disease), argue experts.

The other way is more complicated. Deadly prion proteins, according to scientists, can enter the brain when using insufficiently sterilized surgical instruments. Then from the brain through the optic nerve proteins-prions enter the eye and accumulate in their tissues.

Now researchers are developing techniques that would allow us to identify the deadly proteins, leading to the development of incurable prion diseases, by analyzing tears patients.

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