Manganese oxide can protect the brain from radiation

Russian scientists published in the journal Physics Procedia new evidence that the particles of manganese oxide can effectively protect the brain from radiation. The opening of the scientific experts it may be very useful in the field of radiotherapy for cancer of the brain and spinal cord.

Different forms of cancer the brain and spinal cord differ in aggressiveness, in most cases, they lead to rapid death of the patient. The use of chemotherapy or surgery in such cases is often impossible. The only hope is treatment with radiation radiation therapy, however, the removal of tumors by this method the brain is vulnerable and in result kills many healthy cells.

Scientists from the Institute of Cytology and genetics in Novosibirsk, opened the properties of manganese oxide nanoparticles that could protect the brain during radiation therapy ornegative the effects of radiation. In particular, the researchers found that the manganese oxide helps to highlight in the brain glioblastoma, and also protects brain cells from exposure to radiation. The quality of the manganese oxide was confirmed by work with mice.

During the experiment, the mice with glioblastoma of the brain was introduced nanoparticles of manganese oxide. Then the animals underwent radiation therapy.

“Manganese oxide protected the brain cells of animals from radiation. Its nanoparticles neutralized hydrogen peroxide and other aggressive oxidants that occurred inside the tumor and the irradiation” – said the authors.
This method can help to lower the dose of radiation required in radiation therapy for the complete destruction of all traces of cancer.

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