Nasal lavage infected woman brain-eating amoeba

In the medical journal InternationalJournalofInfectiousdiseases published a tragic story of a resident of the United States, who died, contracted brain-eating amoeba after home treatments nasal irrigation. Caught thus in a woman’s body is amoeba species Balamuthiamandrillaris caused the development of a very rare and fatal disease granulomatous amoebic encephalitis.

69-year-old woman living in Seattle, Washington, was in the hospital after a sudden seizure, and the CT scan led doctors initially suspected she had a brain tumor. However, during surgery, doctors discovered that the brain of the patient is literally eaten away it penetrated by microorganisms.

“Part of the brain the size of a Golf ball turned into a bloody mess. Everywhere was an amoeba: they crawled and ate the brain cells. I had no idea what was happening,” – said carried out the operation, the surgeon Charles Cobbs.
Alas, to rescue the victim it was no longer possible, the patient died. Doctors had conducted an investigation to determine how the woman’s brain could get his devouring amoeba. Experts have established that this happened after the procedures of washing the sinuses, to which their patient was using plain water from the tap. Water the causative agent of the deadly infection and have penetrated into the body. On the nose of the victim after flushing irritation, but no one associated with brain damage, and the hospital she was already at the stage of an irreversible process.

Doctors emphasize that to use for nasal irrigation only sterile, distilled or boiled water.

“Organisms that may be contained in tap water, usually die in the acids of the digestive system, but they can survive in the nostrils,” warned the researchers.
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