Pain in the liver: why is there and how to get rid of her?

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Why there is pain in the liver?

How to get rid of liver pains?

A number of factors can cause pain in the liver. Why it occurs and how to get rid of it, will tell in the material.

Why there is pain in the liver?

There are several reasons, which are formed pathology in the liver. They cause pain in the body. In the first place should be called poisoning, which can occur due to excessive alcohol consumption. Also possible toxicity of metals, for example, lead, cadmium, arsenic, copper, iron and other. Can form of poisoning by drugs, poisons, biological and technological origin. In addition, pain in the liver can occur because of diseases of the digestive system. They are all linked, which could ultimately affect the condition of the liver.

An important reason why there is pain in the liver is poor diet. Also it leads an unhealthy lifestyle, bad ecology, infestation. In addition, pain in the liver is influenced by bacterial and viral infections (primary and secondary), tumours, autoimmune diseases and genetic diseases.

How to get rid of liver pains?

First, drink more warm water. Sometimes the liver can be saved, simply by establishing the water balance. Why warm? This allows to improve the work of this body, to increase the efficiency of elimination of toxins. The most useful such method can be called in alcohol poisoning, which is accompanied by dehydration. If it begins to cause pain in the liver, and you drink less than 1.5-2 liters of water a day, you first need to rectify this situation.

Second, stop giving unnecessary stress on the liver. For this it is necessary to take an appropriate position: lie down or sit up just enough to relieve the pressure of the body. This can significantly ease the pain. But be aware that this method will give only a temporary effect.

Thirdly, for liver health it is necessary to abandon bad eating habits. Excluded from the diet of fatty, fried and high-calorie foods too. Such food provokes the pain, increases it, as the liver needs to work much harder. It is especially dangerous to consume a lot of fat, as this can cause too much stress on the liver, and inflammation will intensify. Do not think that the rejection of these products get rid of the pain, but will improve the condition of the liver, that’s for sure!

Fourth, get rid of the pain in the liver will help reduce sugar intake. Because too much can worsen the condition of the body. And in case of failure from the refined sugar you can get rid of pain and improve the condition of the liver. The most dangerous enemies for on are bakery, ice cream, canned sauces, soda.

Fifth, in no case do not take painkillers. Of course, this thought a person will have in the first place, if he wants to get rid of the pain. But most of the drugs that are sold without prescription, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol can worsen the disorder of the liver, and not to get rid of the pain. The negative effects of these medicines are connected with this organ. It is also known that excessive use of paracetamol affects the liver.

Sixth, forget about alcohol if you want to get rid of pain in the liver. This is especially true of those who have pain in the liver caused by excessive alcohol use. The liver needs time to recover, which will help to get rid of the pain. Most of the problems with the authority to decide if to quit drinking.

Seventh, you can use traditional methods for getting rid of pain. For example, natural supplements like milk Thistle, dandelion root, Schizandra, vitamin b, C and E can improve the body.

Despite the variety of techniques that will help to get rid of pain in the liver, the best way out would be to visit a doctor. Only a specialist will be able to conduct the necessary tests to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe an effective treatment.