Passengers driverless cars will have sex

The so-called unmanned vehicles can lead to more risky sex while driving. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from England.

Not so long ago in Russia introduced the first unmanned cars without drivers. They carry passengers on a specially programmed routes, reacting to movement around them and accomplish the most complex traffic maneuvers. Futurists predict that the market for unmanned vehicles will develop in the future, and in a few decades a significant part of the taxi’s refuse drivers. However, scientists from the University of Surrey in England found that if the robots take the wheel, in the backseat there will be a very “hot” from the point of view of sex events.

The research showed that passengers of unmanned vehicles often eat, sleep and have sex, when they have no driver. For many couples, sex in the car, and even on the move would be a way to revive the somewhat tarnished over the years the sex life, But for other partners this kind of extreme enjoyment, which causes a stronger stimulation. Sex in cars will occur even if the salon is equipped with enough cameras, scientists believe.

In addition, they predict that in the near future, unmanned vehicles will become small restaurants on wheels, where you can eat on the go, admiring the surroundings, or in small brothels. In these cars will ride the girls of easy virtue, inviting customers to take advantage of their sexual services for a short period of time. However, the creators of such vehicles believe that their main objective is to significantly reduce accidents on the roads and the number of victims of road accidents. (READ MORE)