Patient private clinic in Moscow was electrocuted on the x-ray

In a private medical clinic, located in the center of Moscow, the patient, 38-year-old woman, were electrocuted during the procedure, computed tomography. The device was faulty, and staff knew that, but still invited the client to the diagnosis, and when the accident happened, she did not have any assistance.

According to the victim, even before the x-ray the employees of the medical practices mentioned that camera in that day were given faulty readings. But to cancel scheduled patient’s CT scan did not and invited her to conduct the scan.

When switching on the equipment the patient was electrocuted, though she realized it not at once. She said that at first felt like glued to the equipment, and then like a hammer blow on the head, convulsions and pain.

After crying patients the clinic staff procedure stopped, but all that have tried to do is to send her home. The woman says that she didn’t even know it, not even offered banal of ammonia. Also the client was not provided any other help she left the establishment in a trance, forgetting their clothes.

At home the woman’s condition deteriorated sharply. She had to put a lot of effort to reach the phone and call an ambulance. General health workers hospitalized her in the research Institute. Sklifosofskiy.

The evolution of this story, is still unknown. Currently, the injured patient filed a complaint in the Federal service.

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