People with autism have a very male brain

Autism is a kind of extreme of the male brain. Because of this, people with this disorder is harder to understand the emotions of others, as the study showed.

Scientists are very close to the understanding of what constitutes autism. The large-scale study in this direction compared autism with the personality traits of men and found remarkable similarity. In particular, the authors of the study believe that autism is an extreme version of the male brain. Men themselves are not very sensitive nature, and in this case, the victims of autism do have great difficulty reading the emotions of those around them. It is known that autism is other people’s feelings less interesting than things and how they work.

Unlike women, men don’t feel very well in different social situations, they are sociable worse me and see, for example, when applied to someone’s offense. Conducted by researchers from the University of Cambridge study found that men and patients with autism have more in common because they are more “systematic” and not “empathic”. Magicforum reminds us that empathy is the ability to recognize the feelings and emotions of other people.

40% of women who participated in the study, demonstrated the highest results in the area of empathy. Among men the figure was 24% and among people with autism – only 13%. A deeper understanding of the roots of autism may lead to the development of more effective therapies. (READ MORE)