Smartphones will be able to diagnose depression

Scientists at the Stanford University (USA) has developed a technology that allows using your smartphone to diagnose depression in voice and facial expression of the owner. About this development told the MIT Technology Review.

Depression is a very common mental disorder: according to who, depression affects more than 300 million people of different ages all over the world. However, diagnosing depression is difficult – largely due to the fact that patients do not realize the seriousness of their situation, and for a long time do not go to the doctor.

Employees at Stanford University have developed a program for smartphones that can identify depression with very high accuracy. According to scientists, the method of using smartphones may be the best universal way to diagnose the symptoms of depression, which can help people to properly evaluate his condition and get help.

Algorithm that enables smartphones to identify depression were developed after the program to isolate the common signs of abuse videos involving people suffering from depression. The owners of smartphones, the system will diagnose depression in the parameters of the expression of voice and used words. The similar diagnostic accuracy of 80%.

After testing the technology, practicing psychiatrists noted that the principles laid down in the programme of diagnosing depression using smartphones is very similar to the work of specialists during the reception. At the same time scientific experts emphasize that the program cannot completely replace a doctor.

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