The aging body depends on protein klotho

A decrease in the activity of the protein klotho is a reason why the muscles of the body lose their ability to heal as you age, – this was stated by scientists of the University of Pittsburgh. That the researchers were able to pick up one of the keys to ageing of the body, according to MedicalXpress.

In his youth, the muscles of the human body good enough to regenerate itself. But, as scientists have found, with age, our bodies decreases the activity of the so-called “longevity proteins” kloto. The aging of the body depends on this type of protein because its activity is determined by the protection against the development of age-related neurodegenerative diseases of the nervous system.

Experts have found that loss of function of the protein klotho is the reason why muscles lose their tendency to regenerate, thereby determining the aging of the body as a whole. Also, scientists have tested a drug that possibly can vosstanavlivayutsya the ability of the muscles of the body to heal.

In the experiment, the mice modified the gene Klotho, after which the animals received the drug SS-31 for the activation of mitochondrial function. These rodents eventually accelerated recovery processes in the damaged skeletal muscle. In experiments with older mice the use of the drug also led to an increase in muscle mass.

Experts believe that the method of activation of the protein klotho, which depends on the aging body, may be effective in rehabilitation therapy of the elderly.

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