The bacteria Mycoplasma lead to cancer

A study of scientists from the Medical school of the University of Maryland showed that the bacteria Mycoplasma, which appeared in the body, can bring to cancer, as have the ability to destroy the natural protection of cells from cancer. Scientists say that in 20% of cases of cancer of the instigators of the disease are infection.

The assumption that bacteria Mycoplasma may be associated with cancer tumors was expressed for a long time. This time, scientists have obtained new evidence of the ravages of Mycoplasma on the cells of the body.

“Bacteria Mycoplasma destroy the body’s defenses against cancer and thus significantly increase the risks of the disease”, said scientists.
The ability of Mycoplasma to bring to the development of cancer, scientists associated with the activity of the bacterial protein DnaK. The researchers found that this protein inhibits the activity of cellular proteins that contribute to DNA repair and kill cancer components. When this bacterial protein can penetrate Mycoplasma from infected cells to neighboring healthy and also slow down the process of DNA repair. Also, scientists believe that DnaK resists the action of some anticancer drugs.

To such conclusions scientists came after a series of experiments with animals. Mice that were infected with a strain of Mycoplasma, much faster was sick with lymphoma.

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