The bracelet will protect from death during sleep due to epilepsy

Scientists have developed a hi-tech bracelet for hand, which can prevent night attacks of epilepsy. Its main objective – the prevention of sudden death in epilepsy, which usually occurs at night.

The syndrome of sudden death in epilepsy (SWCAP) is the unexpected, nontraumatic death of the patient suffering from epilepsy. Statistics show that typically, SSAP manifests itself at night when people are sleeping, and to help the patient, no one can. That is why it is so important to diagnose the beginning of a dangerous attack, and this goal can serve as a new high-tech bracelet for the upper arm developed by Western scientists. It monitors the heart rate of the patient during sleep and detects a sudden jump in this indicator. As soon as they are marked, bracelet immediately raises an alarm to awaken the patient.

In addition, it also sends alarm message via smartphone to his family members or those providing care. Theoretically, this technology should detect the development of an epileptic seizure before it even start, because these seizures are usually preceded by a sharp increase in heart rate. In Russia every year from sudden death syndrome in epilepsy die hundreds of people. Most often, they just suffocate in bed, because they are face down and can’t roll over. Sometimes the cause of death is asphyxiation on vomit. Statistics show that, SSAP preceded by a sharp increase in heart rate.

The number of patients with epilepsy in Russia exceeds 1 million people, the disorder occurs with a frequency of one case per 100 people. Most often epilepsy manifested seizures that occur the moment when the processes of transmission of electrical impulses between brain cells. (READ MORE)