The brain of abandoned children is much smaller than the ones you love

Brain scans of abandoned children and those brought up in normal families, show amazing differences. In particular, the brain of the beloved parents of the child looks healthy, and rejected the baby it is much smaller in size.

We have a real brain scan of two kids at the age of three years. While on the left we see the brain of a child who was brought up in a loving his family, and the right brain of the baby abandoned right from birth. He faced severe emotional injuries, the baby had not seen their parents and had no love from anyone. Shocking scans show the differences, as we can clearly see that the brain of the child on the right is significantly smaller in size, and in addition, it has several other structures. Scientists emphasize that the child was exposed to extreme levels of violence.

These images were published by researchers from Texas children’s hospital. They show how the first years of life affect the development of cognitive skills at a later date. Rejection and violence shown to the baby in the early stages of development, directly and very powerfully affect the brain. Computed tomography shows that the brain of such a child is largely different from the brain of the normal child. Consequently, it will suffer from developmental delays and problems with memory.

The decrease in brain size or cortical atrophy most often occurs in the elderly who suffer from senile dementia. Scientists from Texas emphasize that children and adults experiencing emotional rejection, with much difficulty subsequently form a healthy relationship. All this can lead to the fact that they have developed a strong dependence on one person, or they will be socially isolated. (READ MORE)