The fight against geflschte drugs

As of February 2019 new security features on tablet packs, such as 2-D Code and Erstöopening protection the output gefälschter drugs unmöurgent

Erstöopening protection: It shows whether the package is already geöwas opened in

After four years of testing it is operating allmäwas beginning to seriously: 9.& thinsp;2.& thinsp;2019 dümay in Germany only be brought prescription drugs on the market, the zusäadditional security features wear. This date of the German Fätermination protection-project SecurPharm seems a distant prospect. But "before ­all für Pharma­companies and Software providers, there are still tun&quot much;, der&nbsp says; Deputy Vor­seat the end of the German pharmacists-­­Association Dr. Hans-Peter Hubmann.

In the course of the year, all of the German pharmacies of the System to Echtheitspr&uuml should also;fung of Arznei­means to be connected. The occasion was a 2011 adopted EU Directive on the Bekäcombat Arzneimittelfälschungen, all member States have to incorporate mü.

Individual Serial Numbers

With SecurPharm pharmacist, Großhäthe traders and manufacturers a common System developed by the sluice-gate gefälschter packs in the legal supply chain of almost unmöurgent need: Every prescription medication is provided with a 2-D Code with individual serial number. A Erst­öopening protection gew&auml also;ensure that the package on the distribution channel, not geöwas opened.

To ensure that a package is neither gefädeletes was stolen, überprüfen pharmacist prior to the dispensing of the safety closure, a scan of the 2-D Code and the read-in serial number with a Central database. "It was recorded the number there already, or is not recognized by the System, ­a warning message appears, and the package must not werden&quot delivered;, erklärt Hubmann.

No zusäadditional waiting time

Thus, the Ütransition from Test to normal operation smoothly verläuft, rät he and his colleagues, already in the System. "The frühere, all the better. Everything you need to pharmacies, which are a 2-D Scanner and an access to the Central database."

As one of around 400 Test­­pharmacists has Hubmann in the oberfränkischen Kulmbach already four years of experience with SecurPharm collected: "Für the patients are no zusä- wait times, für the pharmacist there is no additional administrative burden."

Nüadditional information für Rückrufe

The new System will save time and work: In 2-D-Code, expiry date and Batch number are included, which are stored at the time of delivery automatically in the ERP system. "A drug zur&uuml is;ckgerufen, lässt and quickly determine which Pa­tients receive it haben", erklärt Hubmann. The safety lock dümay pharmacies to Prüfzwecken öopen and with a special seal verschließen.

Packaging without safety features are completed up to the expiry date. Although it comes only äußonly rarely before that Fälschungen from the legal ­Supply chain in the Hände of the patients. "But the Fäextinguishers will always be resourceful." SecurPharm to complicate the craft. Hubmann: "The confidence of the patient in safe and secure medicines from the pharmacy may not be playful."

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