The French hospital was attacked willing to sell their feces

One of the hospitals in France literally attacked by hundreds of volunteers. They brought his stool after the hospital promised to pay him 50 euros.

Hospital St Antoine Hospital in Paris in order to conduct the scientific studies called for volunteers and scientists to provide the stool samples. Thus for commissioned analyses of hospital management was ready to pay 50 euros. Posters urging to pass stool were stuck in the hospital and nearby. The study itself was to be devoted to new methods of diagnosis and treatment of ulcerative colitis. However, after one such poster was published online, the unexpected happened. The hospital ran hundreds and thousands of people expecting to make money by selling their own feces. In a medical facility called and was send emails almost continuously.

In the end, had to turn off all the phones listed in the ads, but people continued to arrive at the hospital and to send a variety of messages. The only way to stop this Orgy was the decision to cancel the study. Even then, some skeptics still continued to bring their feces to the hospital in the hope to get easy money. The management of the hospital and scientists have recognized this experiment is extremely unsuccessful.

“What happened can be called a disaster, says gastroenterologist, Professor Harry Sokol, who organized the study. We had to cancel the gathering of donors and the research itself, because the situation is out of control. Even after we turned off the phones, people continued to come to the hospital. It turned out that post on the Internet has collected more than 10,000 comments”. (READ MORE)