The Ministry of health is working to raise the age to purchase alcohol

The Ministry of health of Russia is developing a bill to raise the minimum “permissive” age to purchase alcohol. The final document to the Ministry of health will present in 2019: it is proposed to raise the age limit to 21 years.

About the upcoming bill to raise the age for purchase of alcohol, said Deputy Minister of health Oleg Salagay.

“The document is in the stage of expert discussion. We expect that within a few months we will be able to submit the text of the bill for discussion”, – said the Deputy head of the Ministry of health.
According to Salaga, raising the age for alcohol to 21 years – it is a typical practice of international experience. This will allow you to effectivebrands with many negative social consequences associated with alcohol use, believe in the Ministry of health. Specifically, according to the Department, raising the age for buying alcohol can help to reduce the level of accidents, a large percentage of which is the result of the activity of young people in a drunken state.

The Ministry of health is seeking the introduction of practices and other anti-alcohol initiatives. One of those is the ban on the sale of alcohol to persons in a drunken state.

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