The Muscovite could lose his arm after a spider bite from the dried fruit

The Muscovite has received the bite of a dangerous spider, hiding in a package shopurka. The man could lose an arm, and only thanks to high professionalism of doctors were able to save the limb.

According to the Muscovite, the spider bit him when he took out a package of dried figs. After a bite Muscovite noticed on the arm of the pink spot, then the limb began to swell. Yet a few days later it became clear that there is something serious: a high fever, swelling of the limbs were very significant, there was a necrosis.

The man went to a private clinic, but the procedure of cleansing the wound, which he spent there, helped a little – no improvement. Soon the Muscovite felt a sharp deterioration in his condition, and only then called an ambulance. When it was brought to the hospital and examined, the decision was made emergency surgery.

The victim underwent surgery at Moscow city clinical hospital №4. Muscovite has removed the dead tissue, was appointed antibacterial and physiotherapy. Doctors believe that, despite all the ordeal, the man was very lucky – he managed to save the arm. In addition, the venom of many spiders lethal to the organism.

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