The Russians were less likely to die from stroke

The health Ministry of Russia stated that the death rate from stroke declined over five years by 20%. This positive trend in the Department associated with the creation of a network of care of vascular patients in 2009.

That the Russians were less likely to die from stroke, said the Deputy Minister of health Oleg Salagay. These data Salagai shared at the international conference “Advances in neuroscience and new directions in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain.”

According to the Deputy Minister of health of Russia, in the country some time ago launched the so-called vascular program. One of its tasks was to streamline the system of medical aid at acute vascular and cardiac angionevrotichesky disasters. The result of the actions taken today 609 functioning in the Russian Federation cardiovascular centre is United by a single telemedicine system.

“With the creation of a network of care in vascular patients, which began in 2009, due to the fact that over the last five years mortality from stroke in Russia decreased by 20%,” – said Oleg Salagay.
He added that the Agency is working to ensure that stroke network for the citizens, regardless of region.

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