The size of the brain affects the occurrence of cancer

Researchers at the Norwegian University of natural Sciences and engineering stated that the size of the brain affects the risk of cancer of the body. According to scientists, the size factor of the brain, its impact on the probability of cancer exceeds the influence of lifestyle.

“The large size of the brain increases the possibility of developing brain cancer. For adult patients this correlation is direct,” an Norwegian specialists.
According to scientists, a way of life that leads man, and his habits are essential from the point of view of risks of many types of cancer. But in the case of brain cancer the size of body is more important as bigger brain means a greater number of cells with the ability to share. That uncontrolled cell division is accompanied by a cancerous mutation.

Researchers have analyzed data from several thousand healthy people and patients who have been diagnosed with brain cancer. They found that men with brain cancer compared to women develops 70% more, and that scientists associated with larger brain size in men.

But it was also found that women differed unexpectedly for the fairer sex large size of the brain, was even more susceptible to cancer than men. The reason for this discrepancy, according to scientists, is yet to be established

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