The smallest sensor in the world will protect from skin cancer

Scientists have developed the world’s smallest portable sensor for measuring the level of ultraviolet radiation. He will warn the man about if he faces sunburn.

The world’s smallest scanner ultraviolet radiation with a high degree of accuracy can tell people in real time not only the exposure to dangerous sun rays, but the level of pollution, humidity and even allergens. In General, everything that is a threat to their skin. Testing of this sensor at the present time, researchers from Northwestern University. The device can literally attach to the nail, to attach to headpiece or just hang on the chain. Its creators hope that it will help people to protect themselves from ultraviolet radiation from the sun that draws hundreds of thousands of new cases of skin tumors every year.

It is reported that this sensor is virtually indestructible, it has a positive effect on skin protection and can even help doctors determine the dosage of light therapy for psoriasis and related disorders for patients. It is expected that the sensor will help to protect its users from basal cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. Although today at the disposal of mankind are sunblock, a number of victims of skin cancer is constantly growing. So, in 1999 in the USA 777, there were 40 cases of malignant melanoma, and in 2016 – 80 442. Another known risk factor of skin cancer is tanning.

The increase in the number of patients may be associated not only with the carelessness of people is not always actively using the protective cream, but with the General aging of the population. The older a person is, the higher the risk that under the influence of sunlight his cells mutate and cause tumors. Unfortunately, sometimes people have no idea about how sensitive their body is to UV rays from the sun. Even the clouds protect only 80%, and the parasol is also not able to provide complete protection. (READ MORE)