The woman with the detached head survived and got to his feet

A resident of the U.S. state of Michigan Lila Delin miraculously survived after serious injury, known in medicine as the “guillotine effect”. In fact, the woman tore off the head, but she not only survived, but rose to his feet, which surprised even herself.

Lila Delin survived after literally lost his head. The woman was in a car accident and suffered an injury, where the spine separates from the skull, is a medical language it is called “internal decapitation” or “guillotine effect”.

The chances of survival for women with severed head, according to doctors, was zero. But Lila was lucky that at that moment appeared next to her husband, who first arrived on the scene and manage to fix cut off head until the ambulance arrived. In addition, the doctors who operated on American, has created a miracle, connecting the skull and spine.

After the operation the woman for some time was paralyzed, but then got to his feet. Now she walks, doing simple exercises, preparing food. Lila is, without removing the corset, which commits the head.

“I thought that the end of days waits for me, artificial ventilation and diapers. Drive carefully, it affects not only your life but others’,” said survivor woman with severed head.
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