To treat leukemia is suggested by the connection of melatonin and vitamin A

Russian scientists have invented a way to influence the tumor cells of acute leukemia human connection out of the sleep hormone melatonin and anti-cancer drugs on the basis of analogues of vitamin A. They stated that such treatment may become more effective and less toxic. The results of a study published the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Specialists of the Institute of theoretical and experimental Biophysics RAS, Pushchino studied the effects on tumor cells of acute leukemia human connection of melatonin and reduced concentrations of retinoic acid analog of vitamin A. it Turned out that this compound can significantly inhibit the activity of cancer cells: due to the composition the number of tumor cells decreased by 70%, dividing cells by 64%.

The sleep hormone melatonin is known as a strong antioxidant. Russian scientists have discovered that melatonin is able to slow down the aging of cells and has anti-cancer properties. They decided to combine it with retinoic acid, an analog of vitamin A, are widely used for treatment of blood cancer.

The drug is retinoic acid, in fighting tumors, can give life-threatening side effects. Scientists decided to reduce the drug dose retinoic acid and add more melatonin. This compound was tested on cancer cells extracted from tumors caused by acute promyelocytic leukemia.

Experiments have shown that this compound is very efficiently. destroys cancer cells. Researchers believe that the addition of melatonin can be enhanced and other anti-cancer drugs, intended for the treatment of other types of tumors.

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