Unique headband for hands cure sore shoulders

Scientists have invented a unique “bandage” for hands made from skin cells. She quickly soothes the pain level in my shoulder.

Amazing “bandage” for hands made from skin cells will help in the fight against chronic pain in the shoulders. And a bandage, of course, it can be called only conditionally, because in fact before us a special tool for injection, inject around the rotator cuff – group of four muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint. After these injections, this creates a kind of coating in the form of a bandage, around which are able to grow healthy tissue, eliminating human direct causes of pain.

Now research has shown that this type of therapy repairs damage and more than twice reduces the severity of symptoms unpleasant condition faced by up to 20% of Russians. The rotator cuff helps keep the upper arm inside the shoulder pocket. Tendons stabilize the shoulder and facilitate rotation of the hands. Fairly common injury to the rotator cuff tendinitis is a disorder in which the tendons become inflamed due to overuse and bursitis in which fluid-filled layer between the tendons also become inflamed.

When a large part of the rotator cuff wears down, the tendon detaches from the bone. In many cases, the tendon begins gradually or abruptly, for example, after lifting some weights. Part of the shoulder blade starts to RUB against the soft tissues, which causes pain, so to raise the hand above the head becomes almost impossible. (READ MORE)