Zinc combined with coffee and chocolate slows down the aging

Scientists from Germany representing the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, found a combination of zinc and substances hydrochinone contained in certain foods, including chocolate and coffee – slows down the aging process. Experts said that this is due to the fact that this combination prevents oxidative stress.

The study showed that zinc comes in connection with the polyphenols contained in chocolate, tea, wine and coffee. The zinc activates the polyphenols contained in the substance from among hydrocinnamic.

This combination formed ORGANOMETALLIC compound functioning as well as the enzyme superoxide dismutase, which destroys superoxide. It superoxides, according to the scientists, provoking an attack in the cell oxidative stress, which damages DNA. Scientists believe that accumulated cellular damage and lead to aging.

After testing, the researchers found that most of the zinc interacts with the products already mentioned, chocolate, wine, tea and coffee. Scientists believe that this discovery may help in the creation and improvement of new drugs from aging.

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