A few technical words to make a expert – why try to lay to explain virologists its Job?

A few months ago is still probably the least of all the German is also just a Name of one of the virologists would have been familiar with. Let alone terms like R-value, or doubling number and also the exponential growth had sorted out the most as a substance from the math classes you would need in real life ever again. But a few months ago, the world looked different.

The last few minutes

"No one is in Corona ersticken", the doctor says. But how do you die from the Virus?

Now, in the midst of the crisis triggered by the Coronavirus, these specialist words regularly in conversation in the circle of friends and family. Virologists and epidemiologists are sought-after guests on talk shows. However, it is first of all object to nothing, quite the contrary: It has never been so important to deal thoroughly with this area of expertise. Little misleading, however, is that a virologist has now become a profession, such as Federal trainer or Chancellor. There are 80 million of them and everyone thinks to know it better.

Significant scene in the ARD-Talkshow “Hart Aber fair”

The time and in the social networks, but also – and generally at a much greater stage – in the myriad of television talk shows for dealing with the Coronavirus. An example of a scene from the show “Hard but fair”: There attacked TV chef Alexander Herrmann, the Virologist Melanie Brinkmann. The scientist wanted to give on the basis of the number of positive Tests in the Bundesliga is still not clear. “You give us any Numbers, and only if they fit you, you are right,” grumbled the restaurateur. “I just have to ask enough virologists, then I get the number I need.”

Now, one can assume that Melanie Brinkmann knows whereof she speaks: she has been working for many years professionally with the topic, researching extensively and teaches as a Professor at the Technical University of Braunschweig. Similar is narrated by Alexander Herrmann – his knowledge is uncontroversial in other areas. It is absolutely clear that the chef cares about his business and his industry. However, it is unlikely that virologists have conspired to overthrow the gastronomy in the abyss.

Politicians participate in the virologists-Bashing

Unfortunately, Herrmann is not the only one who is discredited in the past few weeks, the work of scientists to the public. NRW Minister Armin Laschet said the same thing about the allegedly contradictory statements made by the experts, FDP-Chef Christian Lindner is not resented the fact that virologists do the cardinals into the Conclave, and then a patent solution to present. And his party colleague Wolfgang Kubicki – after all, Vice-President of the German Bundestag considers the Figures from the Robert Koch Institute, even as a “politically motivated”.

Virologists and epidemiologists have become within a short period of time to persons in public life, and as such, you need to have your Act critically. This discourse should be. but in the first line among those who play, involved in more than two months with these issues The criticism comes from the world of politics and the economy, is aware of anyway, is often how scientific knowledge works: Knowledge is not simply there, but must be built up. And can also mean, to revise previous views.

The pressure on politicians and entrepreneurs is not to be underestimated – is to explain to scientists how dangerous or harmless a Virus, but may not be the solution. His broken leg is finally not of a lawyer to treat.

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