After deaths in the USA: German E-cigarette sales breaks

After the deaths in the United States in connection with E-cigarettes, the pressure on the industry has been growing in Germany. Traders report according to the Alliance for tobacco-free enjoyment (BfTG) since a couple of weeks of a significant fall in revenue. “Customers are confused,” said BfTG-in-chief Dustin Dahlman. A survey among 600-E-cigarette-retailers have found that more than half of sales declines observed from 30 to 40 per cent, almost a fifth more than 50 percent. 88 percent of the respondents have indicated that the reports from the USA have had a negative effect.

“Many customers are in a quandary,” said Dahlmann, the German press Agency. “We observe the Trend that, in consequence of the incidents in the United States steamer go back to the tobacco cigarette, and again Smoking can be.” What was fatal for those who want to get away from the smoke. The disease cases had occurred in the United States. In Europe, there is not a single case of suspicion, said Dahlmann, who is also chief of the wholesaler Innocigs. In the EU there is for steam products at the latest since the introduction of the tobacco product Directive clear rules for ingredients.

Deaths due to possibly unclean THC products

According to the latest data, the US health authority CDC, there have been 34 deaths associated with the use of electronic cigarettes. In addition, there are about 1600 confirmed diseases. Recently, there were indications that THC products could also play a role. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is in Cannabis, and is mainly used for the intoxicating effect of the drug responsible. The latest findings suggest, according to the CDC, that THC-containing products that had been sourced from the road or partly on illegal traders would with the most of the cases.

E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco. In the rule, the nicotine is heated containing liquid (Liquid), the Evaporation can be inhaled. According to the Federal Institute for risk assessment (BfR) are E-cigarettes according to current Knowledge, less hazardous to health than conventional tobacco products.

The conventional E-cigarette have nothing to do with the disease in the United States, said Dahlmann. Most of the Affected there have given, to have the THC-containing Oils from “E-Joints” consumed: “So, how do we distinguish between Joints and cigarettes, we can also pack not “E-Joints” and E-cigarettes in a pot”.

Stricter rules for E-cigarettes in Germany

With views of the incidents in the USA, the BfR said President Andreas Hensel: “consumers of E-cigarettes in Germany is threatening to the current state of knowledge, no increased risks if you use products with European and German regulations.” The requirements of the EU for nicotine-containing Liquids prior to writing, according to Dahlmann, that is except for nicotine, no other ingredient added could be of a risk for the health.

E-cigarettes are largely viewed as an exit product for people who want to quit Smoking. According to the German cancer research center (dkfz) indicate that several studies on the potential Use of E-cigarettes in tobacco cessation. The U.S. CDC advises according to the most recent incidents: adults, the E-cigarettes used to stop Smoking, should now return to the tobacco cigarette.

“Vaping” is a niche

The E-cigarette market in Germany had developed least rapidly, albeit from low levels. Dahlmann reported annual growth rates of between 25 and 40 percent. In the meantime, there is in this country far more than 3000 specialty stores, two-thirds of the retailers achieved sales about the stationary business.

“Our forecasts for the market development, we need to rethink the current business slump, of course,” said Dahlmann. For 2019 had been aiming for, based on a BfTG – industry survey-so far, a turnover of 570 million euros, an increase of 24 percent compared to the previous year (460 million euros). Other industry estimates are higher: After that, the turnover of tobacco products, free of lag in 2017, at around 580 million euros.

Regardless of different Numbers – “” Vaping is a niche: sales Of regular cigarettes and other tobacco products fraud in 2017 to approximately 26 billion euros. About 2.5 million “vapers,” there is in Germany, estimates Dahlmann. The number of users of classic tobacco products had decreased to 16 million to 18 million. The industry sees the policy in the duty smokers about the E-cigarette as Smoking cessation in the medium to educate, and to promote the transition. Countries such as the UK or new Zealand were there.

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