Brings crew member “Jamba” dies of rare cancer – also expensive therapy could not be of more help

Drugs that make the immune system against cancer in focus, are considered to be the great hope of the Oncology. That is the extremely expensive active ingredients do not always help to just know the Fans and members of the kölsch rockers “Brings”. The crew member Daniel “Jamba” Schulz was only 30 years old.

In Cologne and everywhere, where the kölsch rockers “Brings” are well-known and popular these days is the mourning large: Daniel “Jamba” Schulz, for many years, technical crew member who has lost the fight against cancer. The massive man with the many Tattoos and the face of a nice young man was only 30 years old.

His friends from the Band, the dude from the Fans of FC Köln and the Patient himself had placed all hope on a expensive immune therapy, which should push back the cancer once again. “It’s worth a try,” said the doctor, the Bonn oncologist Yon Ko in a report of the WDR local news the end of 2018.

Only an immune therapy that promised a glimmer of hope

The immune therapy with the active ingredient date of the offers (brand name: Keytruda®) from the pharmaceutical company MSD was the last of the medical weapon, the stand still available. Because of the extremely rare head and neck cancer had returned in the case of Schulz, five years after the last Operation again.

For the first time, the Tumor was diagnosed in the mouth in the Maxillary sinus and the nasopharynx in 2006. Schulz was then just 19 years old. A young Patient is for this type of cancer is extremely rare.

“Jambas” cash did not want to pay the tens of thousands of euros for Keytruda®

Then, with 29, was the cancer, not operable and the Patient is “untreatable,” as Schulze’s health insurance noted. The tens of thousands of euros for the initially planned four infusion cycles with Keytruda® do not want to take. Since the Brings was but family to handle in its own bag, called for donations and took just the first € 20,000.

According to the Bonn-based Oncology centre Fund their refusal, the lack of data, location-based, meanwhile, revised the cost of individually-approved decision.

The therapy would have had the success that was hoped for, namely, her boyfriend and father of an eight-year-old son’s life for many years to gain time, it would have been the friends of Daniel “Jamba” Schulz, but anyway worth every penny. This is the devastating effect of an immune therapy intended to make the own immune system against cancer sharp: you will not work for every patient. Why this is so, can not tell the cancer researchers.

High-tech therapy is to activate the immune system against cancer

Date of the offers is an antibody and is one of the so-called Checkpoint inhibitors. The active substance is to prevent that a switch is thrown, the overreact normally prevents the immune system to it. Cancer cells in the body to fight the immune system but with all the Power, however, and remain switched on

Date of the offers, there is so far only as Keytruda® Merck, is approved for various types of cancer in advanced stage, in addition to Black skin cancer, non-small cell lung cancer or Hodgkin’s lymphoma, certain forms of head and neck cancer. The success rates for the frequent head-neck cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, oncologist, as well a rating: The survival rate after one year doubled from 20 to 40 percent. For the rare form of cancer, Daniel Schulz, there was neither an admission nor any success forecasts.

In July, the FC fan club Kölle United wanted to gather once again for “Jumba” therapy

How great the hope was that the immune therapy, the 30-year-old’s family would strike a father, shows the following: The FC fan club Kölle United has not only called for Maifest last weekend to donate for the therapy of Daniel “Jamba” Schulz, but also for your Traditional football tournament on 6. July 2019. “We are Cologne-no alone!”, you write in the announcement. Now your friend has to leave you alone.