Christmas increases the risk of heart attack

Actually, a Feast in the circle of the loved one should be sacred evening of a tranquil day. However, for some the Party ends in the emergency room. Because on the evening of the 24. the risk of a heart attack is especially high, report researchers from Sweden in the journal “BMJ”.

The Team of David Earthlings from the Karolinska Institute analysed the data of all patients registered in the Swedish heart registry. Well 283.000 people were, therefore, in the years 1998 to 2013, with a infarction in a Swedish hospital. In the Register of the Physicians noted a variety of information, in addition to age and weight, for example, whether someone smokes cigarettes or taking certain medications. Also, the Onset of the infarction-symptoms, if possible, down to the Minute.

Based on this data, the researchers calculated now, whether on Christmas eve, the 1. or 2. Christmas day suffered more and more people have a heart attack than in a comparable period two weeks before or after the holidays.

According to the study, in particular, on Christmas eve, more Attacks:

  • It was in the comparable period of 50 attacks per day, it was on Christmas eve in the cut 69.
  • On 1. Christmas holiday, there were an average of 65 cases,
  • on 2. an average of 61 cases.

Affected were over 75-Year-old, as well as people with Diabetes or already have heart problems.

Great Feelings

‘ve long been aware of is that more people have in the morning hours of a heart attack than at other times of the Day – the the current data from Sweden, where the risk was 8 at the highest. However, this was not on Christmas eve. On this day, the danger was in the evening against 22 o’clock on the largest.

From this type of study can’t deduce what the cause exactly is behind it. The scientists suspect, however, that the charged feelings at Christmas, is the crucial factor: Because of strong feelings, positive as well as negative, can contribute to someone suffering a heart attack – you know from previous investigations.

Not all holidays overstress the heart, the study shows. Because the researchers examined in addition, the infarct rates at Easter and during the in Sweden large celebrated Midsummer festival. At Midsummer, the Rate was also higher, at Easter, but no difference to the comparison period. It should not therefore damage Christmas is actually quite contemplative.