Die by Corona really is more people? In Bergamo, the Rate of 568 per cent higher than otherwise

The images from Italy were for a week for shocking: overcrowded hospitals, overworked Doctors and clinic staff, hundreds of Dead every day. The Coronavirus is rampant, especially in the North of the country violently. So far, about 30,000 Italians on the consequences of a Covid died-19-disease.

The national Bureau of statistics Istat has looked at the death figures in more detail: How did the Virus, the usual death rate? And what regional differences are there?

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In Italy, there were about 50 percent more Dead

The particular focus of the Istat analysis of the Figures from March this year – were the highlight of the Corona pandemic in Italy.

To the whole country, the mortality rate was expected this year, therefore, around 50 per cent higher than in March, 2019: It is 49.4% more deaths were recorded in cases than last year. The important thing, according to Istat: Since the Occurrence of the Virus varied locally extreme, distorted the country-wide value the reality a little. The lower numbers of dead in the center and South of Italy is oppressed by the much higher values of the Corona-Hotspots in the North to the bottom, so the Istat.

Extremely high mortality in the North of the country

If you look at the mortality rates of the individual regions, a different picture emerges. So the mortality rate is, for example, in the province of Bergamo in the case of 568 per cent compared to the March average of the last five years.

In Cremona 391 per cent more people died in Lodi, 371 per cent, and in Brescia, 291 per cent. All provinces in Lombardy, which recorded by far the majority of Corona infections.

In Rome, fewer people died in Naples about the same number of

Amazing, a different value is In Rome this year, died in March, less people than normally. From 2015 to 2019, died this month, according to analyses of Istat data by the newspaper “La Repubblica” in section 4.121 of the people, in this year, there were cases in thousands of ¤ 3,757 death. Thus, the mortality rate was in Rome at -9.4 percent.

Also noteworthy: In Naples, it is observed by Corona hardly a change in the mortality. There this March died about as many people as the average in the March months of the last five years.

Many of the Dead in areas with a high infection rate

As La Repubblica writes, was registered in the vast majority of deaths (89 percent) in the provinces, the apply conceptualized as a “highly diffuse” – where there was so to a limited area very many Corona infections, namely, 100 or more cases per 100,000 inhabitants. It was in the provinces in the North of the country of the case: in the Lombardy, Liguria and Emilia-Romagna.

In contrast, the areas with medium Diffusion (40 to 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) in the middle of the country – eight percent of the deaths have been registered, and the areas with low Diffusion (three per cent) in the South and on the Islands of the country.

Pay back

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This means: Wherever the Virus was in great concentration, killed many people. The confirmed what they had suspected some virologists and epidemiologists, namely that there could be a correlation between virus concentration and mortality.

Add to that: The Virus was rampant in the North, already some time before the government imposed the Lockdown. However, The stringent output restrictions occurred throughout the country in power, than it was in the North, hardly a greater Corona-Hotspot.

Data from almost 6900 municipalities

For its survey, Istat has collaborated with the Supreme health Institute (ISS). Random samples were selected 6.866 municipalities in all of Italy, and there the mortality analyses rates. This one has taken into account 87 percent of the total 7.904 municipalities in the country.

Sources: “La Repubblica”, Press Release, Istat, Johns Hopkins University

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