Died the first performer of the role of Kalugina from “Office romance”

In Moscow died people’s artist of the RSFSR Galina Anisimova, the oldest actress of theatre of a name of Mayakovsky. Most of all she will be remembered by the audience as the first performer of the role of Kalugina from “the Office romance”.

Galina Anisimova was born in Moscow in 1929, so next year it could mark the 90th anniversary. In childhood and adolescence Galya showed no inclination to the acting profession, even without participating in the initiative, although similar groups were organized at various schools. However, the surprise of his parents, Galina decided to come to VGIK, where she took a course of Boris Babochkin and Nina Alisovoy. However, to graduate from this famous University are unable Anisimov and went to drama school named Shchukin on the course no less famous Cecilia Mansurova.

From 1952 until his death Galina Anisimova served in the Theater of Mayakovsky. She has leading roles in many productions, including all the most famous statement of the legendary Mayakovka times of Andrei Goncharov. He emphasized that Galina Anisimova full is among the famous stars of the theatre where she takes its place. According to him, Anisimova “stands irreproachable attitude to their profession”, and is doing her thing.

Galina Anisimova little starred in the movie, but his most famous role is played in the TV play “co-workers” in 1973. It was the first film adaptation of the play by Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov, who few years later appeared on the screens of the country in the quality of the film “Office romance”. If in the film the role of “mymra” Kalugin played Alisa Friendlich, the “Colleagues” she played Galina Anisimova. At first, the play went unnoticed, but a few years ago enthusiasts discovered it in the archives Internet, and since then it has gained significant popularity. The first version is often compared with the second, there were many people who argue that the first formulation, even better than the classic film Ryazanov. (READ MORE)