Diet – Definition, application, and recipes

  • Diet a diet that is gentle on the stomach.
  • This is important, in order to speed up the pain in diseases of the stomach, and to ease the healing.
  • Not everything that is generally healthy, is suitable as a light food. To avoid healthy foods are otherwise, if they are hard to digest, a lot of fat or acid.
  • As a diet poor vegetables, and acid low-fat fruits, simple carbohydrates, herbal teas, and defatted Broths.
  • The stomach already the end of food, ranging from complete relief by a purely liquid diet to normal food, only the hard digestible elements are missing.

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What is the point of stomach-friendly food?

The right to eat and Drink, relieves stomach and intestine, when they are attacked by acute discomfort and so not every food will fully exploit. Already at the end of food is part of a therapy to the stomach and intestines, again, are powerful.

Stomach-friendly diet increases the well-being – particularly in the case of a stomach inflammation, which is associated with severe pain, shortness of breath, chest tightness, nausea and cramps. It promotes healing of the gastro-intestinal disease.

Stomach-friendly diet is always the same?

The Form of diet depends on the type and extent of the disease. After major surgery, during advanced inflammation, or after a hunger strike is a purely liquid diet may be called for, in the case of less serious problems, a light provides a balanced diet. Also, there is not a healing food for every human being. Doctors create a personalized meal plan and Concerned with making this active.

What is food?

It is a stomach-friendly diet that relieves the stomach and intestines, and so the body Recover from disease. This is necessary because the stomach and intestines do under normal circumstances is hard work: you digest any kind of food, to filter out the nutrients, while the indigestible shares leave the body ultimately, through the anus output. During a gastro-intestinal disease, the organs are no longer able to perform this digestion, however, as it would be needed.

In the past diet was mainly from black tea, meat or vegetable broth, as well as biscuits or white bread. It was one-sided, but useful. Black tea shrinks blood vessels, and relieves stomach disorders. The broth provides the body with nutrients such as proteins, without the bodies need to consume energy to process solid food. Biscuits or white bread does not fill the stomach, to irritate him, but by the acid or aggressive substances. Popular as “sick food” were also gruel, eggs, and milk, and thickened soups. In the extreme, such a diet can lead to constipation.

Fully digestible

Today falls under diet biologically valuable food in an easily digestible Form, so without food, which can cause discomfort, and with cooking methods, the stomach and intestines do not strain: Stewing, Steaming, cooking and low-fat grilling, but not oil-rich Fry, sharp Würzes, Fermenting, pickling, marinating, or raw food.

Diet is not necessarily identical with “healthy food”. Some foods are very healthy, for an easy whole foods (let alone complete relief), but unsuitable: onions, fruits with high acid content, such as Chili, pepper, beans, and generally speaking, legumes.

In the case of ailments, the stomach helps food already?

Light diet promotes the healing of:

  • The Stomach Flu,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Digestive disorders,
  • Food intolerances,
  • Bloating,
  • Heartburn,
  • Bloating,
  • Stomach cramps,
  • Stomach inflammation (viral or bacterial),
  • Constipation,
  • Stomach pressure,
  • Gastritis (Inflammation Of The Stomach Mucosa),
  • Inflammation of the pancreas,
  • Liver disease,
  • Diseases of the bile,
  • Stomach ulcers
  • and inflammation of the bowels.

The hard Phase

In the case of serious complaints in the stomach, intestines, liver and gall specialist rates for physicians and doctors to complete discharge. Only unsweetened tea (black or chamomile) are allowed now for at least three days, soup, gruel, broth without fat (for hydration), as well as rice, rice cakes, millet balls, ungewürztes crisp bread, Toast and rusks for the simple carbohydrates found in Oatmeal.

Phase two

The stomach can be loaded a little, then acid is added low in fruit, such as Apples, pears, bananas, melons, grapes or Kiwis. Bananas are particularly easy on the stomach, satisfy the feeling of Hunger, without burdening the stomach. In the second Phase, you can consume it without problems, vegetables like fennel, carrots, green lettuce, Zucchini or peas. Also mashed potatoes is perfect. Taboo oily fried potatoes or French fries and generally in fatty, fried or deep-fried food.

Vitamins, Yes, acid no

Fruit is a two-edged sword. Stomach complaints are often due to Acidosis, that is, the stomach releases too much acid in the stomach. This is also the case if your disease is associated with frequent vomiting. The last thing that the stomach needs additional acid. You suffer at the same time, a cold? This is a stomach-intestinal flu is often the case. This helps counteract Vitamin C. This substance is found especially in fruits, especially currants, blackberries, blueberries, lemons, oranges and limes. Caution: All of these very healthy fruits contain a lot of fruit acid and protect the stomach. Fall back, therefore, on a Apples or pears, in order to supply of Vitamin C.

Milk and cheese?

Milk and cheese are not always gentle on the stomach, but also not always harmful. Here, it depends on the fat content, because fat on the stomach. It butter milk, sour milk, low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt are also suitable, such as low-fat cheeses, particularly Fresh or soft cheese. As a secret tip for stomach sick from Quark-made piece of cheese. This contains extremely little fat, but proteins to a high degree. Probiotic yogurts contain bacterial inflammation of the stomach and even the Spread of the bacteria, as are Radishes and radish.

Herbs and spices

Some of the herbs and spices straining to an inflamed stomach, others calm him down. The stomach well-cumin, coriander, chamomile, Basil, fennel, ginger, anise and lemon balm to do. This allows you to take as a spice to the food or as a tea. These herbs will not have the pleasant “side effect” that tastes bland diet to bland “hospital food”, you do not eat so perceive the gentle necessarily as a waiver of tasty dishes.


Some of the food you should avoid in case of acute stomach complaints urgently, as these aggravate the disease, and sometimes even trigger. These are:

  • Roasted, Smoked, Fried,
  • fatty foods such as pork, bacon, fatty lamb meat, mackerel, or eel,
  • fat dairy products such as ripe Camembert, cheese, or whipped cream,
  • Nuts (very healthy, but high fat content),
  • Avocados (high fat content),
  • Citrus fruits (high acid content),
  • immature fruit (hard to digest),
  • blähendes vegetables such as onions, leeks, cabbage, legumes, or peppers,
  • hot spices such as chilli and black pepper,
  • Mineral water and soft drinks with carbon dioxide (carbonic acid is an acid and irritating to the stomach mucosa),
  • to hot Drinks or cold, because the organs must do more work to bring it to body temperature,
  • Coffee, because it stimulates the production of stomach acid, and that is exactly what you need in the case of inflammation,
  • Alcohol (strictly speaking, not a food but a poison. Often alcohol abuse is the cause of inflammation of the gastric mucosa (Gastritis) or chronic Hyperacidity of the stomach
  • and too much salt and sugar.

As you eat, the stomach to protect?

In stomach discomfort it’s not just about what, but also how you eat. First of all, you may overeat to “”. Gluttony is also a reason for stomach complaints.

  • You eat many small meals instead of fewer large. Then, the stomach produces less acid.
  • You chew slowly and thoroughly. You digest and the stomach work.
  • They eat their food at body temperature. Then the organs that need no additional energy to regulate the temperature.

Stomach Friendly Food

You could start the day with a green Smoothie made of spinach and arugula, as well as a banana. To would be lunch, then a mashed potato-carrot soup with lean yogurt, seasoned with vegetable broth and cumin. A slice of whole grain bread with low-fat cream cheese, or lean meat (Turkey) would be the Snack. Pureed soups can be fantastic pumpkin, Zucchini, carrots, parsnips, and Kohlrabi. The evening bread, a Couscous salad with steamed vegetables, eat them lukewarm. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)