Due to psoriasis Vladimir Nabokov was on the verge of suicide

The famous Russian writer Vladimir Nabokov was on the verge of suicide due to psoriasis. With this statement made by French scientists.

Writer Vladimir Nabokov was almost driven to suicide by their psoriasis, as stated in the study by French scientists. This Russian-American novelist, who is best known for provocative novel “Lolita” published in 1955, has for decades suffered from psoriasis is a very common disorder of the skin. Although the topic of psoriasis was never discussed in the novels of Nabokov, he described his own sufferings in his letters to his wife Vera in the period from 1923 to 1977, that is the end of life. In these letters Vladimir Nabokov talked about the bloody spots on the underwear, insomnia and peeling the skin that flakes fell with his body on the floor.

In 1937, Nabokov wrote that is on the verge of suicide and almost lost his mind because of the suffering caused by psoriasis. Researchers from Hоpitaux de Paris in France have studied the letters of Nabokov and suggested that severe psoriasis had a negative impact on his mental health, triggering suicidal thoughts. Psoriasis is an incurable skin disorder which affects one person in every 50. The disease is caused by a failure of the immune system due to psoriasis on the body there are patches of dry flaky and red skin.

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When Nabokov was still alive, science called dermatopathology that studies the impact of skin diseases on the human psyche, did not even exist. Today it is the experts, of course, could help a great writer. Studies show that from 10% to 58% of the victims of psoriasis to experience depression, and up to 5% have suicidal thoughts. (READ MORE)