Emotional reunion of grandparents and grandchildren – Italy can breathe again

You can see in the Video: Emotional scenes – Italy can breathe again.

Grandfather Domenico di Massa is the joy: Finally, the contact lock over, and he and his wife Mariantonia can see the five-year-old Cecilia. Like, 45 million Italians, can Cecilia’s parents go to since Monday, back to work, so the Little one can now with your Grand parents to the sea. Two months had to keep the people in Italy to strict curfews, the Corona-to curb the pandemic. Giovanni Raimondi in Rome celebrated the relaxations with a long-lacked cream cones in his local cafe, for the 72-year-old Paola Fredita in Milan, the fresh air and the sight of nature alone is a tremendous joy. In some places, the people demonstrated, however, for it to be back soon to their work, such as the owner of the store on St mark’s square in Venice. After a silent Protest there was, however, also a big round of applause for the Victims of the pandemic, as well as Doctors and health staff should be considered. Almost 29,000 people are – Monday – in Italy, Covid-19 died.