First-Aid Apps: Smart Life Saver

In the case of a cardiac arrest z&auml stand;hlt every Minute of it. With the help of special Apps köcan psaps küin the future, first responders to the Lifeless pilot. So köthis can resuscitate the patient until the arrival of the emergency car

Call for help: Under 112, you reach the control centre, the emergency services and first responders warning system activated

If the ambulance vorfährt, since an emergency is often more than eight minutes elapsed. To long für a people with a cardiac arrest. Already after three to füfive minutes of start the brain cells to die. Even if the professional rescuer to create it, the Lifeless späto resuscitate ter, this häoften heavy Schäthe suffered.

After the emergency call, the cardiac massage must, therefore, immediately &ndash start; if someone is lying there lifeless, nothing is responsive and not breathing. The quick and kräbusy Drüpress on the chest will generate enough blood flow to the brain with the nöto supply the important oxygen. The reserves in the Köbody genügene usually, for a few minutes to überbrücover. Who can, should the Lifeless zusäin addition ventilate.

Apps traffic controllers help willing to lay to the Affected

But, unfortunately, nothing happens after the emergency call too often. Only every third cardiac arrest have only just begun to help revive, when professional rescuers arrive. According to data from the German resuscitation registry. After all, a progress gegenüber 2010, when only every Eighth immediately and resuscitation was attempted. In Sweden the rate is, however, at 70 percent. The heart pressure massage courses ge&uuml almost every adult;bt.

Many of the actors and initiatives working towards &Auml, ;to achieve similar in this country. However, there are other Ansätze to more people and revive as successful so far. One uses the technical Möopportunities of modern mobile phones. Companies have developed in the last few years Software (Apps), the auxiliary willing to locates quickly in an emergency.

So helper Apps work only: A Software alerted volunteers, the zufädigit in the NäHey the Lifeless. You will be notified by phone and from the App to the emergency pilot point, retrieve (by clicking on the arrow at the individual steps)



"So erfäthe rescue hrt monitoring station, who in the Nähe is, and sends two to three first responders to the patient. In about 50 percent of the Fäll meet you in front of the rescue service ein", erklärt Professor Bernd Böttiger, Director of the clinic für Anästhesiologie and Operative intensive care medicine at the Universitätsklinikum Köln, and Chairman of the Executive Board of the German Council für revival. He refers to analyses in Sweden.

Volunteers are faster than the rescue service

Meanwhile, first experiences in Germany. For example, from Lübeck and Elmshorn with the only helper App "My-city-save". Üabout 600 Volunteers you could f&uuml there;r participation win. "Including many police officers and firefighters, the professional Notf&auml are;to do cases. However, around one in three is a Laie", Dr. Christian Elsner, Director of the Campus L&uuml says;beck, Univer­­sitäclinic Schleswig-Holstein, the Aktivitäten ­in a coordinated manner. Für lay is the requirement to have at least a zweieinhalbstüto complete complete resuscitation course every two years to wieder­get.

First of all, last June, veröpublished: After an average of four minutes was in Lübeck, a Volunteer at the place of Emergency. And every third one was at least three minutes before the ambulance. Now, the System is tested also in other areas. "At the end of the year, we want to zuverlävinegars data für the whole of Schleswig-Holstein vor­legen", Elsner says. Then you will know where the warning system works best, and what is still to be improved.

Rapid development of: Uniform Standards are lacking

"My-city-save" the Europäsociety für Herzrhythmusstöconclusions developed. But there are other first aid Apps from other providers. You heißen "Mobile saver", "FirstAED" and "corhelp3r" and in other Bundes­lächange tested. Nähere is information on the respective websites of the projects zusammen­­taken. The German Council für revival be­für­extended to the fläceiling construction of such systems.

"We have at the Moment is a fast-paced Entwicklung", Bernd B&ouml says;ttiger, "unfortunately, in the manner of a Patchwork. Each System has its own Standard. None is compatible with the others." Intensivist Böttiger calls for clear guidelines from the policy in order to achieve a unification. So köcould a first-aider from the Schleswig-Holstein küin the future, even if he’s just in a different state aufh&auml save lives;lt.

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