Funds to pay for the Biomarker Test

Women with a particular Form of early breast cancer get in the future, a Biomarker Test of the statutory health insurance funds paid. A decision of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA) of June occurred on Friday in the force, as the decision-making body of Doctors, funds and hospitals said in Berlin.

The Test can help decide whether chemotherapy after surgery makes sense or not. The Biomarker Test’s Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score investigated the activity of different genes in cancer cells will be derived and the risk for a return of the tumor.

A prerequisite is that the Tumor has certain characteristics: It needs to be sensitive to hormones such as Estrogen and progesterone, but must be no Docking sites for growth factors.

The Test comes into question in Germany, an estimated 20,000 women per year. For comparison: each Year, about 70,000 women are diagnosed at an early Form of breast cancer, when the Tumor is limited to a specific area of the breast and no metastasis.

In the case of early breast cancer a Tumor can be removed by a surgery, and often radiation therapy follows. Nevertheless, it is possible that cancer cells remain undetected in the body and years later a Tumor cause. Chemotherapy can reduce this risk by about a third, but carries the risk of significant side effects.

In General, the risk for relapse is determined on the Basis of various criteria, including the size of the tumor, its growth rate and the age of the patient. Only if there is no safe decision for or against chemotherapy derive leave, come the Test in question, writes the G-BA.

The’s Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score Test is available in Germany since 2009. The costs had to be privately borne, amount to about 3000 euros per piece.