G-spot spraying for more intense Sex: Leila talks about her suicide attempt

The G-spot in the Vagina with hyaluronic acid plump up, to increase the pleasure of the intervention is available for many plastic’s medical Director. But the treatment actually leads to more intense orgasms? Blogger Leila reported in a Podcast, what it has brought.

The needle was longer than some of the penises, says Ines Anioli shuddering. The YouTuberin operates together with the erotic Model Leila Lowfire successful Podcast Better-than-Sex – and had to hold her friend’s Hand, as she underwent a special kind of procedure: Lowfire was the G-spot spraying.

I can only come through external Stimulation of the clitoris to orgasm. I find that kind of community, explains a result of the Sexbloggerin your Motivation in the podcast. Every person should be able to dominate every orgasm. The theme of the G-spot-toning haunted her for a long time in your head – now she wanted to try out their own bodies, and whether the treatment achieved the desired effect.

The surgeon used the wrinkle filler hyaluronic acid

Because it was a self-experiment for your Podcast, had to Lowfire pay for the surgery, nothing. Typically, patients can expect costs up to 1500 euros and the procedure after some time, not to repeat, in order for the effect to disappear. Either the surgeon used the wrinkle filler hyaluronic acid that is injected to the pubic bone on the inside of the Vagina in the anterior vaginal wall, or he’s using the body’s own fat wife. The resulting thickening to enhance the pleasure this erogenous Zone.

The method is quite controversial, not least because there is no scientific evidence for the existence of the G-spot. However, it is not the cracks completely insane, the Zone, where he could, presumably, to split, to increase the capacity for sensation. Because the clitoris is larger than some would have you believe: you are not limited to the visible clitoris, the Organ extends much deeper into the vagina – a vaginal orgasm, the clitoris is also stimulated. Lowfire it but, ultimately, not on what Organ is for its peak – so you want him to be able to simply experience through the Penetration from the inside.

The idea was total ecstasy

The erotic Model is reported to be at the surgery extremely tense – the treatment was seemed as if it had just been fertilized artificially. Thanks to the anesthetic cream you will have pain, however, hardly, but merely a light pressure is felt: It goes quite quickly and is only a pinch. The doctor was not, apparently, to the men, who are desperately searching for the G-spot, because he had immediately found the right place. The swelling I have given the blogger a permanent desire, whether when Sitting or Running. It was like a ball of Love in me, says you.

After a few days she was allowed to have Sex again. A classic Before-and-After Test was not have been, because afterwards, another man was allowed to try her Experiment involved than before. Lowfire says in the Podcast: I was a little bit excited and didn’t know what happened – if I lie down now, completely crazy and a Performance, because I’m so in ecstasy. My desire was, at least in idea.

The right vaginal climax was

It was not, however, the fireworks that she had hoped for. Although you’ve really felt it, physically, that you was on of the most erogenous spot inside sensitive. But as previously you had to first get an orgasm through Stimulation of the clitoris in order to experience the Sex in the port particularly relish – perhaps a little lust remained full as before, but: is the correct vaginal climax to be.

In the meantime, the Area is according to the Model again a little off and less sensitive. Your doctor has recommended a further syringe, as he had injected her with only 1.2 milliliters of hyaluronic acid, instead of the usual 2 ounces. However, the treatment is sufficient Lowfire for the time being – they have already cost enough of a mental break.

Try out first.

In your Podcast, you and your colleague Anioli indicate that the blogger had thought long and hard about it before you underwent the procedure, and the decision is not lightly met. You would not want to encourage, because it is a surgery, the mean is always a certain medical risk with a long list of possible side effects. To come to women who have problems, to orgasm, advises Lowfire, therefore, to Try first, everything else, Masturbates a lot and collects sexual experiences!