Hemp oil as a natural, legal help without a psychoactive effect

What is hemp oil? No rush, but gentle activity against pain, inflammation, Stress, and skin problems – the promise of hemp products. In the United States is already a real hemp has used Hype. Such as Cannabidiol (CBD), and it can be applied as a capsule, drops or Oil for sure.

More and more frequently, products made from hemp, such as hemp oil and hemp fall capsules, which are available in pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores in many varieties. Anyone who thinks that Cannabis is now so freely available, at least in small doses, however. Because the over-the-counter hemp products contain Cannabidiol (CBD) and are a dietary Supplement. They are not to be confused with the strict prescription of cannabis products with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) as an active ingredient, for the treatment of about of severe pain and various nervous disorders.

Hemp and Cannabis come from the same mother plant

But what Cannabidiol is exactly and what is the difference compared to Cannabis, so the noise – and drug marijuana, which is also used medically? In fact, hemp is basically the little sister of Cannabis. Both have a common mother plant, Cannabis sativa L.

CBD from hemp is different than the THC from the cannabis plant

Due to cross-breeding of Cannabis has been bred to be high, so that the Plant contains large amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is psychoactive, gives the Cannabis intoxication and addiction potential.

In contrast to this, simple industry or industrial hemp, its flowers and leaves are a food Supplement such as hemp – capsules-contains drops or Oil produced, particularly cannabinoids such as Cannbidiol (CBD), the non-psycho active. CBD, therefore, is not a narcotic and is not addictive, what is emphasized by the way the WHO expressly in a statement.

CBD is considered to be against players of THC and can inhibit its effects – such as rapid pulse and appetite, known side effects of the marijuana rush. Apart from Cannabidiol stimulates several different receptors on the cells and affect the function of some enzymes. Therefore, CBD may attract a whole range of effects.

CBD – anti-oxidant and anti-pain as well as inflammation

The spectrum of action of CBD is so wide-ranging. In General, the substance to be effective from the industrial hemp anti-bacterial, cells from oxidative Stress, protect, and inflammation of the brakes. Studies have shown that Cannabidiol has great potential here, and it even would make sense to develop anti-inflammatory drugs on this Basis.

Many more studies devote themselves to the CBD, tested his skills and were able to deliver positive results:

Pain: cannabinoids act on specific receptors, the analgesic effect can exercise. So that CBD could, for example, in the case of pain due to muscle soreness, inflammation, and joint pain, but also headaches and menstrual pain play a role. It studies give hints.

Skin problems: acne and other skin problems can CBD a soothing effect. The excessive sebum production in the skin be able of the material to normalize cells and inflammation, such as in the Journal of Clinical Investigation published study shows.

Fear: Cannabidiol may be the production of anxiety hormones, brakes, and thus acts anxiolytic. Particularly effective CBD is shown in this connection, not only with everyday Fears, but also anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, as a study with anxious patients and healthy volunteers showed.

Stress and sleep disorders: Similar to the balancing effects of CBD in the case of stress-related problems such as nervousness, irritability, and sleep disturbances. Because of the stress processing pathways are involved, which respond to cannabinoids, as studies suggest.

Cannabinoids used at the right dosage

CBD in the dosage forms of capsules, drops and Oil in Germany as a dietary Supplement, approved. The dosage is simple, but also individually according to personal requirements. Makes sense about the so-called escalation method: three times daily two or three drops under the tongue. Thus, the CBD is taken in a timely manner via the oral mucosa, and the effect starts immediately. It is too low, can increase the number of drops.

The dosage of CBD products, it always depends on what percentage of cannabinoids, the product contains. For example, there may be four percent, but ten or even more. The cost is approximately 35 euros.

Who can feel the taste of CBD Oil as a not pleasant, capsules with CBD to better advise. Here, too, you best start with the lowest dosage.

Side effects CBD

The risk for side effects in this natural product is relatively small, however, fatigue can occur. Also dry mouth, drowsiness, and dizziness are possible. Because CBD lowers blood pressure slightly. Who pressure low blood, can, therefore, have problems.

Because CBD affects the activity of various enzymes in the body, can be influenced by the fact, however, the effect of some medications, such as stomach acid blockers Pantropazol and omeprazole, some neuroleptics, anticoagulants, and certain pain relievers. So if you want to use the CBD, but at the same time medication must take, should discuss with his doctor or pharmacist.