How to feel women after an abortion?

The decision about an abortion falls sure no woman easily. How they fare afterwards, and what helps you examined the Federal Ministry of health is currently in a study. In the USA, has just published a work on this subject, which shows that Almost all of the women described the decision five years later as properly.

Five years after a termination of pregnancy 95% of women rate the intervention as a right decision. The researchers report inside the University of California in San Francisco in the journal "Social Science & Medicine".

The Team led by Dr. Corinne Rocca, under data, the so-called turn-away study, a long-term study of 21 U.S. sought Federal States on the subject of unwanted pregnancy. The analysis initially consisted of 667 women with an average age of 25 years, which at the beginning of the study, an abortion. The women were interviewed a week after the procedure, as well as eleven more times every six months. 37.5% participated until the end of the study after five years.

The women reported that in the course of time both the negative as well as positive feelings to the termination of pregnancy disappeared. After five years, 84 percent of the remaining participants said that they had either positive emotions or no more. 95 percent, referred to the abortion as the right decision.

Study planned in Germany

In Germany, it is also planned a study. The aim is to gain insight and knowledge to expand. The projects are expected to begin in the first half of 2020, the period is three years. The impetus to this study, the current political debate on the subject of abortion is: Until the beginning of 2019 was suitable for the Grand coalition to the fact that Doctors and hospitals must in future tell otherwise than so far on your Website that you perform abortions.