Increased cholesterol is more frequently inherited than expected

Patients with narrowed coronary arteries are particularly frequently involved in familial hypercholesterolemia, so hereditary increased cholesterol levels. The noted Danish scientist. These patients especially benefit from an early reduction in the cholesterol level.

So far, Numbers were missing on the presence of the hereditary condition of high cholesterol values in the population. According to the Review, in the data from 104 clinical trials, with almost eleven million subscribers, is included, suffer from around 0.32 percent of the people below. In the case of persons in whom the coronary arteries by atherosclerosis narrows, was the according to the study, about ten times more common than in the rest of the population. Among persons who showed very early changes in the coronary vessels or very high cholesterol values, this was even more than 20-fold of the case.

In the case of a family-related hypercholesterolemia, the level of the &quot is;schlechten" LDL-cholesterol at an early age conspicuous. Depending on how strong and how long the value is increased, it increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases compared to the normal population up to 26-fold, the researchers report in the "Journal of the American College of Cardiology".

In an accompanying comment to the study results, Professor John Kastelein and colleagues from the University of Amsterdam: &quot write;There are safe and effective means for the Regulation of LDL-cholesterol, so we should strive for an early detection and treatment of family-related hypercholesterolemia. Because we know that the commencement of a statin treatment in childhood reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease."