It is Germany’s scapegoat: a psychologist explains what the power with Merkel’s Psyche

Hate speech and the blame for everything that goes wrong in Germany: Angela Merkel, has become the projection of anger and disappointment. A psychologist explains what’s going on in a person who is constantly faced with criticism, even from within its own ranks–.

FOCUS Online: If a person such as Angela Merkel constantly with hatred confronted and as a scapegoat to serve, what happens to his Psyche?

Alina Wilms: As a person in constant debt accusations, hatred and scapegoat accusations reacts, psychologically, dependent on various factors. What’s important is how serious and far-reaching the allegations are, how massive they occur and over what period, or how often they repeat themselves. Also, it depends on what personality these factors, what is the meaning of the incriminated Person the prosecutors. And how significant is the complained of matter for your self-image. Worsening can be added, if the affected Person sees in their political Mission, your life’s work, and for them there is no alternative way of life goal, to see their children happy and successful grow.

About the expert

Alina Wilms, a Ph. D. psychologist who has studied in London and Oxford. In addition to her specialization as a trauma expert, she coaches personalities from business, politics and sports.

FOCUS Online: What is the effect of permanent charges, such as Angela Merkel stand for?

Wilms: The consequences can be devastating. Foreign – and self-image can be scratched irreparably. What the Person has defined so far, your entire life’s work, can be destroyed. If previous companions and supporters are also critics, and even the politically inactive family environment is affected, there is no lifeline.

FOCUS Online: What follows from this?

Wilms: Depressive disorders to acute stress reactions, similar to the sequelae of trauma to suicidal thoughts can be the result. It is also possible that anger developed at other people or yourself. The latter, especially if the date was missed without having to make injuries an honorable retirement and to save both the self-image, as well as political heritage.

FOCUS Online: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has now the gradual withdrawal of their political Offices, confirmed.

Wilms: your seemingly steely personality with intact psychological defense mechanisms is currently your only protection factor. The allegations come not only from the Opposition but also within the party, the criticism becomes louder and the coalition partners need to differentiate themselves again and again in order to survive. Survey results underpin that it is the Chancellor, and their refugee policy, the former CDU voters in droves into the arms of the AfD have driven and CDU candidates in the countries of unfairly for the mistakes of mother Merkel were punished. It is, therefore, serious, repetitive, accusations from all sides and from all political Camps.

FOCUS Online: you have alternative goals in life are addressed, such as their own children grow up to be. This model does not apply to Angela Merkel.

Wilms: Yes, Mrs Merkel has no children of their own, or other comparable life-filling Alternative missions. As your heritage, there should be in Germany to protect the interests of the country and to promote it in a democracy, Germany is internal and European, and threatened their political and personal livelihoods.

FOCUS Online: How do you rate as a psychologist, the decision of the CDU-chair, and at the next Federal election is not more than the Chancellor?

Wilms: The present decision is not to once again have a choice to make, is not to give in, but the Knowledge that one more candidacy is not to win would be, and the shame would widen. So the parting out of seemingly their own accord and not of the loss of control of the deselected becoming by a third party remains, at least, while the current Power of the remaining parliamentary term, not premature out of Hand.

FOCUS Online: What is the retreat of the Chancellor, for you personally mean?

Wilms: it Ends the Era of Merkel, it may be that the previously intact mental protection mechanisms suddenly fail, because the day-to-day stress with the workload that you are so far from an intense preoccupation with own thoughts and feelings distracted. Like all politicians, who managed to survive the Rodeo-Rode in the political saddle for so long, is probably also of Angela Merkel to the figures, the flaps will be shy on your goal focus, and in the stressful everyday business external storms up to a certain wind sit out strength, associated with it can be Negative-ignore the thoughts mechanically, and automated, and emotional filtering.

Unfortunately, this also reduces the ability for self-reflection and to careful correction of the retracted means. Because the emotional Block only works in full or not at all. The most effective politicians would be the most with a clear perspective and vision that can also react to self-critical, and appropriate, flexible, and correct. Such personality types can make it but unfortunately for you, not only to the political top, because of the political sensitivity psychopath personality seeds detect shares in them immediately and manipulative against any of them.