Massage effect: Can improve a Jade Roller to the skin?

In view of the great flood of Beauty Trends, one wonders how many of the enticing product promises to keep the supposed “wonder weapons” actually. For millennia, the jade stone is considered to be valuable jewelry and healing stone. In the Form of a Jade Rollers, the nature of the material is celebrated for several years as a Beauty tip. The secret lies in the facial massage, Jade Roller to achieve an effect similar to a lymphatic drainage. The blood circulation of the skin is stimulated, fine lines are streamlined and eye bags reduced. Here you can read how to use the Jade Roller correctly.

What is a Jade Roller?

Name-giving for the Beauty Roller is the Mineral Jade is. The name is derived from the Spanish “piedra de ijada”, which means as much as loin-stone. Traditionally, the Indians of South America Jade used as a healing stone in the lumbar kidney disease. In China, Jade was regarded for millennia as the “stone of the gods” and as a popular Material for jewelry. Nowadays, people use Jade not only as a healing stones and gems, but the Material have developed innovative more. Thus was born the Jade Roller, the optically to an ordinary painter’s role remembered, because on the hand piece are two rolls made of smooth polished stone fixed that easily over the face, let it roll. He is supposed to connect to the healing powers of Jade with a soothing face massage.

This does not mean, however, that in the Jade-Roller is only for spiritual people, because the Beauty Tool you can massage your face pleasantly. So it has a similar effect on the skin, such as a lymphatic drainage. Nevertheless, you must not confuse the Massage from the Jade rollers with a professional lymphatic drainage. This should also be in the face of an appropriately trained physiotherapists carried out.

Benefits of a Jade roller

Whether Jade is also convincing as an energy stone, he is to be transferred in case of skin contact, positive vibrations, and thus tension and Stress relieve is a matter of opinion. The Jade Roller is a good investment if you take time daily to care for your face with the Beauty of the Gadget. Because it is only when used regularly, it shows effect. A miracle weapon against wrinkles, there is not, but as an aid to facial massage, this Gadget is quite effective. Also keep in mind that a balanced diet, the daily use of UV protection and plenty of exercise, have a positive effect on your skin.

How to use a Jade Roller?

Use the Jade Roller in the evening, so you can relax your skin with a soothing face massage from the Stress of the day. You can massage your night cream, for example, a rich night cream, using the Jade roller in the skin. The maintenance works through the night, and the skin has a sufficient refresh time. In addition, you will be able to achieve with the Beauty Tool, an effect similar to a lymphatic drainage and the lymphatic system in the detoxification of the tissue support.

Step 1: cleanse face

Best a Jade works skin Roller on the cleaned face. They thoroughly remove Make-up and dirt residues. Effective is a combination of cleansing foam and cleansing oil, for example, this care Set with nourishing rice water.

Step 2: nursing application

You can apply your night cream or a rich Serum. Sera, for example, in the Korean care routine to use. The rich formulas and valuable ingredients provide the skin with additional moisture.

Step 3: facial massage with the Jade Roller

With the Jade Roller to massage the skin and activate the lymphatic System. It is in the body responsible for distributing nutrients and fluids and eliminating toxins from the metabolism. The right massage techniques to improve the flow of lymph and can help against puffy or tired eyes. A facial massage also stimulates blood circulation and can support a radiant complexion, as well as supply the skin with nutrients to optimize. Basically, massage is for the face: gently Massage, always from the inside to the outside and repeat the process three to five times.

A Jade Roller for wrinkles helps?

With regular and correct application, you can have a Jade Roller, a preventive Anti-Aging effect and small wrinkles smooth out. Take care, therefore, a day for five to ten minutes of time, so you get the best results.

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