Meal! A woman’s appetite to Roast, because of a fateful trick

The first Time the complaints were to a cheese buffet. The second incident occurred after a Sausage at the Snack bar. And the third Time, a calf, triggered, apparently, frying the symptoms: The woman was two hours after eating dizzy, she complained of Nausea and almost fainted. The food was to blame for the complaints? Or the temporal connection of the meals was just a coincidence?

The case ends up at a specialist for internal medicine with focus on Allergology. The patient reported that had formed in the last attack red wheals on their skin. She suffers from an allergic skin reaction – a so-called hives? She is taking new medication, which could lead to the complaints? The acute situations have anything in common?

The case is like a Puzzle. The Doctor relies on a whole network of doctors, nutrition experts, skin doctors, pulmonary experts and the laboratory practitioners. Together they find the solution – and the patient give a valuable advice.

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