New study: commuters played a large role in the spread of the Virus

In early March, extensive protective measures are in most Parts of Germany entered into force, the spread of the Coronavirus curb. Since then, it has reduced the number of reported new infections significantly. A study by the German Institute for economic research in Berlin (DIW Berlin) investigated the infection events of the past few weeks. It evaluated the factors, weather conditions, population density, and Commuting.

In the beginning, especially in Metropolitan areas, many of the new infections in areas reported. According to the study, could be due to the population density due. But also the hinterland of large cities, was affected in the life of a high Infection. The scientists conclude that commuters have brought the Virus out of the city in the commuter catchment area.


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Commuters represent a proliferation risk

For the infection was done of importance of individual regions in contact with each other. Thus, a significant role in the spread of the Virus would be the commuters. Economic centres as incubators of the epidemic, apply, is not new. To this must be added the realization that the population density is not the primary factor for this. Scientists at the DIW evaluated using mobile data mobility. As many commuters abandoned the daily commute to work, the decline in infection numbers.

Nevertheless, the impact of population density on the infection does not pay to forget. Also, in more densely populated areas without significant Commuting has been found to happen are at increased of Infection. “The dynamics within circles with a high population density was about twice as high as within counties with low population density.”

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The home office reduced infection numbers

The study comes to the conclusion that the Work in the home office to support a significant and effective way, the spread of the Coronavirus curb. Without causing economic costs, would reduce the frequency with which people from different meet locations. The brakes on the spread dynamics. The authors of the study appeal to the policy “to support the acquisition of the necessary infrastructure for an efficient home office, and the establishment of home offices, either by subsidies or special tax depreciation possibilities more attractive.”

Source: German Institute for economic research

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