Old married couples: Less hassle, more Humor

Differences of opinion, which can be for young couples sensitive, to be solved in the age in a different way: Older couples show more positive behaviour and overcome conflicts rather through Humor and acceptance.

Researchers from California found that couples have, regardless of the level of satisfaction with their relationship with age, overall, positive emotional behavior, such as Humor, Affection, and tenderness showed. Defense and criticism, decreased.

Robert Levenson, a psychology Professor at the University of Berkeley in California &quot notes: ;Our results shed light on one of the great paradoxes of the late life. Despite the losses of friends and family members of elderly people in stable marriages are relatively happy and are less likely to have depression and anxiety. The many years of marriage for your mental health."

The researchers analyzed video recordings of since 87 at least 15 years of married couples in middle and older age. The couples discussed about 15 minutes long conflict fields and their experience, while their conversation was recorded. Their emotional interaction was analyzed in the course of 13 years, three times, by listening and speaking behavior of the spouse according to facial expression, body language, verbal content, and tone of voice was valued. Emotions have been divided into the categories of anger, contempt, disgust, domineering behavior, preparedness, anxiety, tension, sadness, Whining, interest, Affection, Humor, excitement, and confirmation. "The results suggest that with increasing age, more on the positive aspects in our lives konzentrieren", Alice Verstaen, Co-author of the study says.