RKI-chief: The people must finally open their eyes to the reality

LOTHAR WIELER, PRESIDENT of the ROBERT KOCH-INSTITUTE (“The Virus is transmitted from person to person, we all can slow down the Transfer, or set. That is to say: Please keep your distance. And if there are people waiting for a Test and the result is perhaps not immediately get: please take in self-quarantine. Please stay at home.” – CUT – “The Transmission from one human being to another is easier than in the case of the flu. The proportion of people who become seriously ill is significantly higher. The proportion of people in the risk groups, the disease is so hard that you are breathing is required, is significantly higher. And the proportion of people who die of this disease in the risk groups, is significantly higher. I think there is nothing that makes it clear that we have a bigger problem.” – CUT – “If there are still people in our country who believe or don’t believe me, or keep doing, for panic. Then I can only to my Knowledge, to the best of our Knowledge and belief, to my knowledge, I can only urge you to open your eyes to this reality.” – CUT “We need the hospitals as much as possible, ventilation beds. We need as much as possible intensive care beds. I would call for weeks to the hospitals to prepare for this crisis. But now it has to be so far, Yes? I expect now that the hospitals are prepared. Because the cases are on the rise.” – CUT – “We have in Germany a total incidence now of 17 cases per 100,000. I’ll say it again: This is an exponential growth. But this incidence varies throughout Germany strong, also I want to stress that again and again. This is a reason why you can travel in different regions, different strength measures, adjusted to the analyses. We must always analyze with a cool head all of the data available to us and act accordingly. In Hamburg, for example, we have 32 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, in Thuringia seven cases.”)