Sergey Bezrukov became a father. A son was born

It became known that 44-year-old actor Sergei Bezrukov is a new father. In a Moscow clinic, his wife, stage Director Anna matison, gave birth to a boy. On the birth of a son, the actor himself emotionally announced on the social network.

“Son!!!! (And again, I was there) Anya, my beloved, my dear!!! Thank you!!!”, -so, Sergey Bezrukov has given to understand his followers in the social network, became a father.
Recently Anna matison has ceased to appear at secular and public events. Now I understand why. Recall that the family of Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison growing daughter Mary, she was born in 2016.

In 2015, the media reported that Bezrukov and matison Dating Anna he left Irina Bezrukovoj, married with whom he lived for fifteen years. The marriage of the couple Bezrukov was childless, but in 2014 it became known that the actor has illegitimate children, a son and a daughter. Their artist gave birth to the actress from St. Petersburg Kristina Smirnova.

At first, shocked that the press told about his “skeleton in the closet”, Sergey Bezrukov denied it. Only in 2016 in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Sergey Bezrukov admitted that indeed several years ago he became a father to an illegitimate son and daughter. In 2017, the actor first appeared and her heirs in public.

“With the birth of Masha, I was able to fully enjoy his father’s happiness. Other children I also love, support and help” – frankly admitted Sergey Bezrukov in an interview.
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