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Approximately two-thirds of the German information online on health topics. Many of them are also on Social Media on the go. What users of these Kanälen should note

In the meantime, you can also move quickly üabout health research

Computers and Smartphones provide quick access to so-called Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp. Darüa shop on the Internet, Blogs and online forums, with the areas of interest to a persöphotography is important. Including topics in the health field, if you to inform, for example, a particular disease möcontempt for, or contact with other Affected persons addiction.

But in what Kanäwill len you the fastest füfully? Can you trust this information? And how schüit supports the persöpersonal data? To answer these questions, we have Steckbriefe  written social media f&uuml and tips;r the protection of the Privatsphäre worn together:

Schüyou will appreciate your Privatsphäre

A careless handling of private data in the Internet can be at risk. Information üabout the own health are in need of special protection. Prüyou should, therefore, always the data security and Privatsphäre-settings of a provider. Sometimes you can customize, such as on the social network Facebook. You should note …

… in the Online self-help group

Who participate in discussions, share experiences or ask questions mökilled, &uuml well in advance;what information will remain private &ndash should be superior; for example, because you Rückschlüsse on the persöpersonal environment or by the employer viewed k&ouml will allow;could. Information, once veröpublished, it is difficult to bring them back to lö.

… in the Facebook group

It hädepends on the type of group, für whom it is visible: öpublic, closed or secret. In the first two Fäcases, can Facebook each user who is a member of. You ütransmitted solely by the candidate information to third parties. Anyone posting private things, you must know that even in closed groups, posts liked each other or k&ouml be shared;can, and so to a wider audience zugäoriginally are. Only secret groups are ausschließlich für members.

… in the medication order

Who in the pharmacy üabout WhatsApp medicines reserved, sent in addition to the text message, so-called metadata, such as the phone number of the sender, and the date and time of the message. This köcould für personalized advertising ­be used. What a provider does with the data of its customers, the privacy policies or the General Geschäterms and conditions. Safer to reserve drugs, for example, üabout the App "Pharmacy Ort". It is using the German Server and is bound to the German data protection act.

For more safety tips: The Federal office für security in information technology has a lot of Ausküincome to deal with social networks compiled:

Facebook (social network)

Users in Germany: about 33 million

What is it? In the case of Facebook people, groups and institutions Profile (usually &ouml private;publications) and to share ideas.

Wofür can I use it? Subscribe To Gesundheitskanäle. In groups, on health topics (such as self-help), you can über persöpersonal matters to discuss, photos, and Videos to exchange. To exist depression about üabout 20 German groups.

What should I look for? Profile settings to privacy. In groups, note whether they are open or closed.

The pharmacies Umschau on Facebook:

Instagram (to share photos)

Users: approximately 15 million

What is it? Üabout the free Online service you can share with other participants images and Videos.

Wofür can I use it? You can inspire and motivate. Be replaced, for example, recipes für low-calorie dishes, Sportüexercises or Sinnsprüche. Für the disease of Diabetes, there are now üabout two million Einträge.

What should I look for? Is für of hidden advertising. Many pictures are edited with Filters and schöner than the Realität.

YouTube (Video Platform)

Users in Germany: around 6 million active Users

What is it? Every registered user can ver&ouml free to make your own Videos;to the public.

Wofür can I use it? There are also many Videos on health, such as first aid and checkups. Turnüexercises you can also.

What should I look for? The sender.

Twitter (Communication Platform)

Users in Germany: about 3 million, not all of them are active

What is it? Platform für messages up to 280 characters in length. Schlagwörter (#Hashtags) to help in the search for Beiträgene to a specific topic.

Wofür can I use it? Messages from the medicine. Who wants to read all messages from a sender, you must follow him.

What should I look for? Due to the low number of characters of the information are often greatly simplified.

The pharmacies Umschau on Twitter:

WhatsApp (Messaging Service)

Users in Germany: around 37 million

What is it? An App that enables you to Send short messages, images and Videos ermöallows, äsimilar to SMS/MMS.

Wofür can I use it? News köcan also große-mail groups are sent. The use of about health magazine für short Newsletter, the pharmacies Umschau:

What should I look for? On Privacy. In contrast to normal SMS and WhatsApp Lesebest&auml shows;appropriations and verrät when you was last online. Both lä&shy sst but;individually disable.

Blog (Online Diary)

What is it? Blog operator füdo öpublications of Tage­book üon certain areas of your life, available for Download (Podcasts).

Wofür can I use it? Many bloggers report üabout her life with a chronic disease, such as Multiple sclerosis. The ermöprovides insights from a very persöpersonal perspective.

What should I look for? Be aware that the Blog is a individual opinion.

Online Forums (Exchange Platforms)

What is it? In a Forum you can ask questions and connect with other users to discuss. Sometimes even the experts to answer.

Wofür, I can use it? Anyone who has a specific question to live with a disease, erhält usually many Ratschläge. However, as a rule, are individual experiences and persöpersonal opinions, not necessarily übertragbar.

What should I look for? Are you looking for in the Forum, if your question has already been asked. You be patient until an answer appears. Let bösen does not answer ärgern. Use as a questioner may be a Pseudonym.

Apps (Software Applications)

What is it? Apps programs f&uuml are;r Smartphones and Tablets, you üusually from an App Store herunterlädt.

Wofür do I use it? Whether steps zählende Fitness App, virtual headache diary or use the contact App to näthe next pharmacy. The ­­Offering Apps, the a healthy life unterstüto protect, meanwhile, is huge.

What should I look for? Prüyou fen, of which Institution the App comes. Caution, Apps köcan persöpersonal data collect.

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