Stop Smoking: The Rckfall prevent

Nothing is easier than Smoking aufzuhören, he had done it hundreds of times, it was Mark Twain, US writer and notorious cigar smoker. Each Affected weiß: The real challenge is to make permanent the Finger from the tobacco. "Only a few make it without professional help on Anhieb", erklärt Dr. Stephan Mühlig, Professor für Clinical psychology and psychotherapy at the Technical Universität Chemnitz, head of the local Smoking clinic and to "Smoking and Tabakentwöhnung" research. He has persöpersonal experience with the subject was 30 years of heavy Smoking, workload: 20 to 30 cigarettes a day, and had "some serious Versuche" made with the Smoking aufzuhören.

"A maximum of fünf percent of smokers who try to stop on their own, a smoke, a year später still abstinent", he quotes the results of scientific studies. In the case of a professional Tabakentwörebellion are the abstinence rates better, but still not beglüauthor: "At the end of the course, 80 percent of our participants are non-Smoking; in the following three to fünf months H&auml, however, about the;half again rückfä- digit."

Rückfälle are not uncommon

A Rückfall provides für frustration and EnttäBush encroachment, especially in the case of the victims themselves, but also in Angehömembered, he is also häoften as a sign of Schwäche is interpreted. "A Rückfall is no Katastrophe", says Dr. Ute Mons, head of the office of Krebspräprevention at the German cancer research center in Heidelberg. It will require time and patience, ingrained behaviors verächange. "Important what to find out, the Rückfall ausgelöst has to füto prepare the future better."

The Chemnitz-Based Psychology Professor Stephan Mühlig weiß, what he hätte do differently to Try his smoke, stop. Several times, it was successfully managed without professional aid, to remain long months of abstinence, once even a whole year. The reason für the Rückfälle? "Pure Recklessness. I was me every Time for sure: You’re now through with the Addiction and can afford it, Smoking a cigarette, für the taste." A blatant Fehleinschäup, as shown.

Three types of smoke-Rückfalls

The experts distinguish three types of Rückfalls: the "Slip", a slip-up, for example, at the Party; the "Lapse", a ride &uuml missing;about one to several days, as well as the "Relapse", the vollstäcomplete Rückfall in the addictive behavior. "Who has a heavily smoked, can not allow the slip-up, he slips in a hurry to return to the old Suchtmuster", Professor M&uuml says;hlig. Dafür concern is the brain biology: "In smokers erhöthe number of certain receptors in the brain is increased. The Überzahl of nicotine receptors causes a stop Smoking withdrawal symptoms, comparable to a strong Hungergefühl."

This "Rezeptorhunger" disappear after a few weeks. The receptors are inactive, in a sort of sleep state, köcan but at any time "geweckt" as soon as you smoke just one cigarette, even after years of abstinence. "Therefore, it is very gefäto test dangerous, whether it is strong enough or whether it still tastes the same. You should be the life from the tobacco &ndash let; as with other Süwant to also."

Professor Mühlig the example, announced a 70-Jämen came some time ago in the Smoking outpatient clinic of the Chemnitz University of technology, full of self-accusation. "I’m such an Idiot, I started over again and don’t understand me." For 23 years he had not smoked, then when Aufrätrees of the living room Cabinet is an old pack of cigarettes discovered. And remember: Because of that one time with Smoking. Does it taste good? It is not a fact, but the nicotine had an effect: The receptors were "aufgeweckt", old behavior, enlivened pattern. The man smoked after several years – more than ever before. In the meantime, he is free to smoke again.

Accurate analysis can Rückfäcases schüsupport

A Rückfall to schüsupport, recommends expert Mühlig a detailed analysis of the risk situation: what is the Moment köI could most likely weak in friends at the Fu&szlig: When I go to my favorite pub, ;ball evening meet, at a Party, a cigarette to get offered? Such situations überstehen, preparation, and crisis management nötig. The following self-instructions – as the keywords on your Smartphone or on an index card at the ready in – f&uuml have;r the acute Rückfallsituation bewährt:

To remind yourself in case of an emergency, it helps to write in advance an emergency card, to pull it when necessary from the bag.

If there is a constant R&uuml ends;ckfall: Schnellstmöpossible start a new run, possibly with a professional Unterstüsetting up, for example, in a Smoking-Entwöthe rebellion rate. And motivate yourself: I have mastered in life, quite different situations (for some examples, remember). So I’m going to create the smoke, stop!

The expectation of Success, according to the experience of psychology Professor Stephan Mühlig, the most important factor für the Success of the smoke-stops: "Who firmly believes that he creates it, has a größEUA Chance, it also tatsäto create the take. Sometimes it takes dafür more than a start-up." The Chemnitz-based expert has self-fünf Anläufe benöconfirmed, he has 15 years of abstinence.