The pharmacist is advised to heart patients

An Alliance fürs heart: Ädoctors and pharmacists in the treatment and care of patients with Herzschwäche work together more closely

"How do I measure my blood pressure?" This pharmacist weiß also an answer

The fact Germany have Apo­theker waited a long time for the First time, a medical guideline ausdr&uuml recommends;specifically, in the multidisziplinäre care to the chronically Ill. To bestmöto achieve daily success, a doctor and a pharmacist, the therapy küin the future, together to the vote and on the risks of Medicinal products prüfen, the only künewly updated Na­national disease management guideline (NVL) and Chronic heart failure.

Guideline with quantum leap

"That all involved companies were able to agree on this recommendation, is a real Quantensprung", emphasizes guidelines-Co-author Professor Ulrich Laufs, Director of the clinic and polyclinic für cardiology at the Universitätsklinikum Leipzig. Especially pharmacist for Pr&auml to;vention, Früevaluation, drug therapy, safety, and adherence to Therapy küinhibitors.

"Patients with Herzschwäche need several Medikamente", cardiologist run says. "If a pharmacist säall medicines grasp, prüfen and the patient when taking unterstüappreciate, is the für us a große-help." The patients of the intensive communication between Ädoctors and pharmacies to profit, is currently a interdisziplinäre study scientifically proved.

Many drugs, many errors

Margit Schlenk begrüßt is the current development: "Heart patients have a particularly high Beratungsbedürfnis and benefit from a structured Medikationsmanagement", the pharmacy owner from N&uuml says;areas. Depending on the stage and symptoms of the internationally recommended basic medication includes, in the case of chronic heart failure of up to four permanent positions to be adopted by the end of Präparate, including ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, and diuretics.

Due to other diseases h&auml come;often additional drugs added to – sometimes up to zwölf active ingredients. Because of the risk of taking errors is groß. "Therefore, müwe left the various Ädoctors prescribed and zusäin addition to the self-medication purchased media on interactions, double regulations, and to avoid Wirk­substances überprüfen", erklärt Margit Schlenk. "Each über­flüs­­sige drug harms the patient and the community of solidarity."


Or you swallow zusäin addition over-the-counter Präparate, without informing the doctor. Not a good idea, because they cause side – effects and interactions. "So köcan over-the-counter pain and Erkäswitching means, the effect of heart medications abschwächen", Schlenk says. Therefore, the guideline recommends that pharmacists the patients üabout the Benefits and the risks of non-prescription medicines, inform, and in the event of uncontrolled self-medication intervene.

The doctor hören 

On the other hand, pharmacists should work with their guidance to ensure that the patient’s important Präparate also tatsäthe take take. "Although the course of chronic heart failure appropriate medications and dosages güinexpensive can be influenced, not take many patients your medicines as your doctor verordnet", cardiologist run regrets.

How pharmacists help

The National disease management guideline Chronic heart failure rät, pharmacist folgendermaßen:

  • Präintervention: In the case of risk factors such as high blood pressure, you pay attention to consistent treatment. 
  • Früevaluation: In "ver­dächtigen" Symptoms and Präparatewüwish you refer the patient to the doctor.
  • Medication analysis: You ­interactions, double regulations, and unn&ouml recognize;term medicines.
  • Adherence to treatment: Make sure you ­that patients on the An­wei­solutions of the doctor follow.

Screening programmes of pharmacies

Also in terms of Prevention and Früh­detection are required to pharmacist: In case of already known risk factors, such as Üthe mountain-weight, high blood pressure or Diabetes köyou can use the therapy loyalty föpromote, patients to Lebensstilächanges motivate, and symptoms on a Herzschwäche may indicate to the doctor send. "As health care professionals and health advisors, we are an ideal and low-threshold point of contact für Risikopatienten", Schlenk says.

Even now, many pharmacy pension programs. To ­Example "Matter of the heart 50 plus", a project by the Scientific Institute für Präprevention in health care (WIPIG) of the Bavarian Lan­­desapothekerkammer designed and in a study on the practicality of the geprüft.

Positive Conclusion

Margit Schlenk participated in this study. Their conclusion: "The indi­­vidual advice in the pharmacy, reduces risk factors and stäthe health rkt competence. Therefore, we should küin the future also with other chronic diseases are involved."

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