Trump promises: USA, probably by the end of the year, Corona-vaccine

The US will have to evaluation of the US President, Donald Trump expected to the end of the year a vaccine against the novel Coronavirus. “We are confident that we will have at the end of the year, until the end of the year a vaccine,” said Trump in an Interview with U.S. television channel Fox News. Trump acknowledged that experts could draw its conclusions in doubt. “The Doctors will say: ‘you should not say'” suspected of the US President. He speak what he think. According to his assessment, some of the companies were “very close” to a success.


Protocol of a nurse: "Hardly, the Virus was in the home, it’s like a wild fire verbreitet"

If not, the United States developed the first country to have a vaccine, but a different country, be to him the right, Trump said. Then he’ll pull out in front of this country, his “hat”. “I don’t care, I just want to get a vaccine that works,” added the President. On the risks of the Tests a potential vaccine on humans addressed, Trump said, there is Voluntary. They knew “what they are getting into”.

The US President was recently noticed more often with idiosyncratic proposals for the control of the corona of a crisis. In the last week speculated Trump, for example, whether or not strong light or direct spraying of Bleach or disinfectant in the body a good Coronavirus-could be therapy. Experts were horrified, because an injection or Swallowing of Bleach and disinfectants in life can be dangerous.

Spahn represents in vaccine different opinion than Trump

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn is in the assessment of the prospects of success of a vaccine development significantly more sceptical than the US President. In his opinion it could take possibly years before such a vaccine is available. There are promising approaches, but the development of vaccines is a serious “out of Ford, with the most Difficult thing there is in medicine,” said the CDU politician on Sunday evening in the ARD”report from Berlin”. “I am glad, if it were possible in a few months.” But you would also have to remain realistic: “It can also take years, because there can be setbacks that we have seen with other vaccines.”

The world health organisation (WHO) and major pharmaceutical companies estimate that the development of a Corona-Mature vaccine to market for at least twelve to 18 months. A vaccine is considered the only safe means to be able to the due to the pandemic all over the world, the restrictions of public life permanently and completely repeal it. With a few preparations, clinical trials are already underway. The EU Commission is organising today a conference of international donors for the development of a vaccine and other means against Corona of a pandemic.

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