Urine: What is the color of verrt

Actually, you want to get rid of him quickly – especially if you are already pretty strongly "muss". Here, urine is full of information. Because with him the human metabolism excretes products, therefore, the composition of the urine says a lot üabout the current state of our Köbody. For example, darüber, whether or not the kidneys are working well, someone has Diabetes or is expecting a Baby.

But even without a laboratory analysis, and Teststäble lässt in the urine Rückschlüsse on the health. Alone its color is aussagekrästrong. You verrät not only, whether, we should drink more. You can also indicate serious diseases and medical professionals in the diagnosis of help. Professor Christian Wülfing of the German society für Department of urology has advised the pharmacies Umschau in this article professionally.

Urine – what is it?

  • What is it made of? The kidneys filter our blood. What is our Köthe body does not need or harm him köcould be üabout the urine &ndash excreted; 1.5 to 2 liters of täpossible. Urine consists of 95 percent water. The Rest is made up of urea, salts, Hor­demons and color substances.
  • Why is he yellow? This is the Bile pigment Bilirubin. This, in turn, is a breakdown product of the blood pigment.
  • When "muss" I? The bladder of an adult can hold approximately a Liter of urine. The urge to urinate but already from about 300 milliliters.

Verdäpowerful Farbverächange?

First of all: If the urine color plöin addition to the normal Fästaining, must not be stuck, necessarily disease. It is often the only food such as carrots, berries, Beetroot or Getränke such as red wine, the affect in the short term the color. Or certain medicines: As, for example, Ami&shy can;triptylin, a Anti­depressant, the urine grün fäturnips. Iron, in contrast, reddish-brown makes it to black.

Interactive graphics to möadjusted colors of urine (here displayed symbolically in the Form of a test strip):

The Second Criterion Smell

In addition to the color lässt is also the smell of urine Rückschlüsse to – with the exception of the harmless odor after asparagus-eat. Smells the urine to ammonia, and yeast, this can indicate kidney problems. Smell of urine, fishy, is the möperhaps to an otherwise often asymptomatic chlamydia infection.

You are unsure what is the cause of the verächanged hue? You drink zunäfirst, a little more water. In General, the F&auml takes;staining quickly. If not, you should consult a doctor. In the case of blood in the urine düyou may, with a visit to the Practice, in no case, zö. This is always an alarm signal.